11/28 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium Preparing To Be THE Premiere Altcoin

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Throughout the past year, I have followed the progress of BRhodium more closely than anyone; i.e., the FREE airdrop proactive Bitcoin holders received a year ago – that shortly, will be launched on multiple crypto exchanges. To that end, I’ve written close to 50 articles, and taped three dedicated podcasts.




As someone who has spent every second of his time following crypto for the past three years – to the point of becoming well-known for his knowledge of the space – I am as excited about BRhodium’s upcoming launch as anything I’ve seen. The reason being, that it will be the first of its kind in so many ways; having purposely been developed to avoid all that was wrong with last year’s altcoin wave - in pursuit of creating something of true, lasting value. A process which, in my view, was HELPED by the 2018 bear market – enabling it’s developers to avoid the carnage; learn valuable lessons; and take its time developing THE premier altcoin, at a time when no other meaningful altcoin development is occurring.

BRhodium’s MainNet has been online for more than a month – with four difficulty adjustment periods having passed without a hitch, following a massive mining pool upgrade two weeks ago. OTC trading has been extremely active, which you can follow on the BTR explorer, or the “market” page of its equally active Discord community.



The most recent roadmap update – also viewable on Discord – shows the final steps towards exchange launch are in process…with exchanges currently viewing BRhodium’s code, whilst an Electrum wallet is being created. Very likely, BRhodium will be trading on the decentralized Bisq platform by year-end – followed by a major crypto exchange launch, and coinmarketcap.com listing, in the first quarter.

As I have written all year, my initial valuation “comps” for BRhodium are BGold and BDiamond – two pathetically useless Bitcoin forks that BRhodium is FAR superior to. And yet again, I must emphasize BTR is NOT a Bitcoin fork – but instead, a new, unique blockchain that took a year to build.


Current OTC prices suggest a BRhodium market cap of a laughable $3 million, compared to $340 million for BGold and $170 million for BDiamond – both of which, I might add, have traded impressively strong during the recent crypto crash.

In my view, there’s not a chance a listed BRhodium trades for less than BDiamond – and likely, it will rapidly exceed BGold’s valuation. To that end, if you have any questions about BRhodium OTC trading, please email me at [email protected]


So let me see if I understand this correctly. You sold Bitcoin because it was overvalued in FIAT terms but you are going to HODL BRhodium becuase you believe it is undervalued relative to the FIAT valuations of BGold and BDiamond? I wish I could understand the use case for BRhodium. So far all I know is that I should HODL it because it has English speaking developers and 'Whales' that promise not to sell any of the limited supply.

If only you could READ what I've written.

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