11/11 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium Mining Pool Upgrade a MASSIVELY Bullish Development!

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On October 22nd, BRhodium’s MainNet went live, per the following Press Release - and my accompanying article, and 1-on-1 podcast with anonymous BRhodium developer “Thomas.” After the first 2,016 block cycle was achieved – in an anticipated two weeks or so – BRhodium would be eligible for exchange listing…with the major exchange it has been negotiating with for some time.




To that end, I followed that podcast up with Thursday’s must listen podcast with altcoin expert, and BRhodium specifically, “Top Roller.”


The BTR blockchain is still under control of the developers, who will release the source code to the public shortly after exchange listing. It had reached 1,650 blocks yesterday afternoon - an impressive achievement for 2½ weeks online given the challenges of implementing code in the real world, as opposed to Testnet.

After monitoring this process, the developers implemented a major mining pool upgrade last night to fix all relevant issues – which as it turns out, was a MASSIVELY bullish development for BTR holders…most of whom, acquired it for FREE via airdrop; and the rest, in an OTC market currently trading around 0.0009 BTC, or less than $6/BTR. Below is the press release to discuss the pool upgrade…


…which can be monitored via this website – in terms of blocks, explorer, hash rate, and other relevant mining activity…


Consequently, BTR’s X13 hash rate blew past BDiamond’s last night, as its block count blasted past 2,016 to the current level of 2,515. Just two days ago, I reiterated my view that BRhodium should be valued FAR more than BDiamond – and now, it’s hash rate seems to agree!



If you have any questions, please DM me on Twitter, and follow my commentary on the exploding BRhodium Discord chat room – which will likely become MUCH more active in the coming weeks, as we approach BTR’s imminent exchange launch!

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