10/31 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium MainNet Update!

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Nine days ago, BRhodium’s MainNet went online after a 10-month development period, per this press release…


…and my 1-on-1 podcast with “Thomas,” a member of BRhodium’s ANONYMOUS development team…


In the press release, it exclaims that listing on a “major cryptocurrency exchange” will occur once 2016 blocks are mined; i.e. the current exchange standard for demonstrating blockchain stability.

However, in hindsight, this target was optimistic – as unlike the testnet phase, real life mining takes time to optimize and mature. Thus, though BRhodium is clearly on track to list in 2018, it will likely be in December rather than November. Currently, just over 452 blocks have been mined, but the devs are working 24/7 to optimize the mining process. Thus, don’t be surprised if the pace of block discovery significantly increases in the coming weeks…or days. To that end, you can observe the progress of the mining pool – that currently, averages around 120 miners - here…


…and the BTR blockchain explorer, here…


Meanwhile, BRhodium’s Discord social network has dramatically expanded since MainNet, with MANY more members discussing “BTR,” and the first OTC transactions occurring - some, at what I perceive to be deeply discounted levels. The reason being, that clearly some BTC holders have no interest in doing due diligence on what BTR may be valued at once exchange trading launches.


When I say “deep discount,” I truly mean DEEP. The reason being, that as I have written exhaustively all year, I believe BRhodium should shortly after launch – once the investment community is fully aware of it – trade for at least the market cap of the closet comparable altcoin, BGold. Frankly, I think BRhodium is FAR superior to BGold, by essentially every imaginable metric. However, in a world where very few “comps” exist, I view BGold to be the closest.


Join BRhodium’s Discord community to stay on top of BTR’s progress, and follow it at the “Bitcoin Rhodium Official” Twitter feed…


And if you want a crash course in BTR’s fundamentals, this compilation of my articles over the past year is a great tool – which, given some of the SILLY OTC offers currently showing in Discord, might be worth your while to read.


Get ready for BRhodium’s exchange launch, as it’s coming VERY soon!


This is magnificent work :-)

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