1/05 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium’s “Cause”? Making Money!

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I have written countless times of how financial markets are cold, hard, and merciless. They don’t care, or judge, if an investment is good or bad - and will do everything they can to separate you from your money…particularly if you are a fool. You can be parted from money even if not a fool, of course – but trust me, it’s a guarantee if you are.

One of the easiest ways to lose money is investing in “causes” – like the “social investment” funds that wouldn’t invest in “evil” companies like Phillip Morris or Anheuser Busch, but jumped at the chance to invest in “green” projects like Solyndra. Which, in the prism of cryptocurrency, is the equivalent of being a “HODLer of last resort” because you don’t view Bitcoin as an investment, but a “cause.”

Bitcoin is the most amazing invention of our lifetimes, on a par with the internet itself – and undoubtedly, will have a dramatic impact on the world’s political, social, and monetary framework; likely, but not definitely, yielding significant gains to investors. However, as we have learned in spades, fortunes can be lost in Bitcoin – and crypto – as easily (frankly, a lot easier) than they are gained…and unquestionably, the vast majority of crypto investors are in the red. Even if one were to view Bitcoin as a “cause” worth fighting for, the FACT remains that its cause is heavily opposed by the world’s richest, most powerful people. Not to mention, rich, powerful saboteurs from within its own ranks – like Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, and Craig Wright.

In other words, one needs to acknowledge the FACT that there are times to buy and times to sell, no matter how much you “like” something…which is precisely why I sold when the “Hoffman Line” broke at $5,700, and am patiently waiting for signs the storm clouds circling over Bitcoin are dissipating. Hopefully, the nascent recovery in Hash Rate gains momentum, which in my view will be a MAJOR positive catalyst – but for now, investor sentiment remains terrible, in a period when global “risk on” temperance is extremely low. Moreover, with the price so far below the Hoffman Line, there is NO WAY institutions will make significant investments. That said, in crypto, ANYTHING is possible – so if a new, epic rally were to start today, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, given my view that Bitcoin’s long-term outlook is stronger than ever.


In BRhodium’s case, nothing is certain either, of course. However, the reason I feel so strongly about it is because, following an entire year of following the story, I believe it is a no-brainer to rise to AT LEAST the market cap of FAR INFERIOR projects like BGold, BDiamond, Lightning BTC, Super BTC, and Bprivate. And given that BTR’s listing on the p2pb2b.io exchange is scheduled to commence no later than January 14th, I’d say the cold, hard financial markets are more likely to take its price higher than lower. With the caveat, of course, that altcoin investments by nature are risky, amidst a bear market environment that makes investing in ALL assets dangerous.


Moreover, one thing BRhodium has going for it that Bitcoin doesn’t – aside from the “Hash War” with BCash and SV, and opposition from the world’s richest, most powerful people – is that there is NO DOUBT what it was created to be; i.e., a FINANCIAL INVESTMENT for WEALTHY INVESTORS, seeking to keep assets as far from the political spotlight (both inside and outside the Bitcoin community) as possible.

We’ll see what happens to its valuation when p2pb2b launches – which I might add, should provide a springboard for multiple exchange listings in the very near future. That said, the one thing we can be certain about, is that BRhodium’s cause is crystal clear…to produce CAPITAL GAINS for FINANCIAL INVESTORS!


If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected], or DM/PM me on Twitter or Discord.

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