Ancient Paintings Feature The Ultimate Ancient Astronaut Evidence

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Looking at this painting the first thing that you notice are these strange rays of light that are coming down from a disk-shaped object in the sky. It is one of the most interesting paintings and according to the #AncientAliens theory, this painting is a piece of strong evidence which illustrates a Disk Shaped flying object.

The author of the image painted a circular object, it cannot be confused as a cloud, it appears to have some sort of light at the center and the rays of light are coming out of this object, you cannot confuse it for thunder or anything else really.

We believe that the author painted what he saw at a certain point in his life. If he wanted to paint a cloud or the sun he would have painted them in a much more effective way. We believe that this painting illustrates a disk-shaped #UFO, much like the disk-shaped objects that are reported even today.
04 UFO painting.jpg

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I love to hear all about the ancient aliens and the variety of theories that are out there on the subject. It just reminds me that there is a lot we don't know. And we should always be open to new ideas, even if they seem strange at first. Remember, at one point the world was flat.