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i think you may be right to some extent

Amazing idea....

So is fiat money.

I guess we don't need police, health care, roads, military :D
Just think about it before you get angry at me and please check my new post, It may shed some light on this.


@paps Good ideas do not require force. If people want or need something, they will figure out ways to get it. The State coercing people to give up their money to fund something is not necessary. People can, will, and already do find voluntary ways to produce, purchase, and provide goods and services.



BRAVO! I knew you wouldn't disappoint me. 😍


Do you really believe it?
What will happen when the gangs decide they "want something", will they figure it out?
Why don't you check what I said about Soviet union? Or even go closer to places in Africa with no government to govern them and see what happen with crime and mentality...
You are unrealistic... prisoner of your own Ideas -_-
I will be really happy if you read my post about how people perceive reality. :)


@thepholosopher What say you to this comment? I could try but you'd answer this about a million times better than I ever could. Can't wait to read your response.


I can already guess, you should see Soviet unions early days of communism. What happened to the rich farmers and how many people starved to death... all in the history :)

Not really. Taxation is what gives the fiat money you work for its value, otherwise it's just scratch paper. If you want to avoid it, conduct your everyday life in a non-fiat currency. The government cannot tax bitcoin or ethereum.
I've written a more lengthy response to this sentiment.

It wouldn't look as good on me, unfortunately.
But, yeah, "taxation" is just a fancy (dishonest) word for theft. I even made a video about that once upon a time: Theft by any other name