THE ART OF WAR - A Unique Analysis Of Specific Quotes In A Macrocosmic Context - Part 4

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This series extracts useful resources that can be used to help end slavery.  

The Art Of War is one of the oldest, most famous, and influential writings on military strategy ever.  

My purpose here is not to examine aspects of it in the context of mass murders called wars.  

The aim here is to gain useful information that can help humanity end its current condition of slavery.      

The translated version we'll use is from 

For those who might have missed the first 3 parts of this series, I recommend catching up before continuing, as this will help to understand some of the concepts and terminology from this point forward.  

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3 

And now we begin.  Here's the quote and the location in the pdf text.

 Page 42 – Chapter 4 – Paragraph 18

"Knowing the enemy enables you to take the offensive, knowing yourself enables you to stand on the defensive."

Let's delve into some of the specific terms from the quote before we look at the overarching meaning.  

What is the “enemy”? 

Some of the core "enemies" of freedom and higher consciousness are:

Ignorance – Lies – Fear – Apathy

All of these “enemies” are core causal factors that create one of the ultimate “enemies”, which is slavery.  

How can an “offensive” be taken against the “enemy”?  

An “offensive” can be done by taking an action that is the antithesis of the “enemy”.    

A positive or "offensive" action that will negate ignorance, is the obtaining and sharing of knowledge.  Specifically, I'm referring to Natural Law and how it is the deterministic component in our experience here on the physical plane.  Meaning, if we experience freedom or slavery.     

Have courage in order to overcome fear.  This is the courage to do the right thing, even if it might be more difficult in the short term.    

Communicate truth in order to negate lies.  

Have empathy (the antithesis of apathy) for others.  

All of these dynamics intersect in how we live our lives.    
An “offensive” starts with the individual.  

However, in order for freedom to be experienced around the world, the majority of individuals must take part in the “offensive”.  As the number of people that take part in the “offensive” increases, then a greater level of liberty will be experienced.  

What is an example of what an “offensive” might look like?

It’s conducting truly free trade with others, tax-free, and without government fiat paper.  

It’s having independent food, water, and energy sources.  

It’s about supporting moral people who are leading voluntary lives, and NOT supporting aggressors.  

It’s about creating voluntary communities.  

It’s about home education and real health care.  

It’s creating voluntary arbitration and security concepts.  

In short, it’s about creating voluntary ways of life.    

This is what free people do.  

Freedom will not exist on this planet until people start acting free.  

This is the “offensive”, in the words of The Art of War.    

The second part of the quote, “knowing yourself enables you to stand on the defensive”.

As covered in part 3 of this series, knowing yourself means knowing the Higher Self and the lower self.  The Higher Self is the spiritual consciousness we are all a part of, while the lower self is based in the 5-sense, physical reality.    

Knowing this Higher Self is key to having the courage to resist tyranny.  


Because by knowing this eternal, spiritual aspect of our consciousness, we know that short-term consequences here in the physical realm, while discomforting, are not to be feared.   

This courage can then galvanize great strength in defensive action.  

Not complying with evil.  



Specific examples of this are:

Not paying taxes   

Avoiding licenses 

Not complying with evil when confronted by order-following aggressors.   Key examples of these aggressors are police, military, code enforcers, CPS, and bureaucrats.    

Of course, by taking these defensive measures, the aggressors might react by engaging in actual violence against conscious resisters.  I would absolutely love to believe that a voluntary, free society could happen without such physical consequences.  I wish that it could be as simple as creating a new model that makes the old model obsolete.   A perfectly peaceful transition.  Who knows? Maybe it will be.  However, I have a hard time believing that such a monumental shift can take place without defensive force becoming necessary against those who aggress.   

To sum up, from the Art of War quote:

"Knowing the enemy enables you to take the offensive, knowing yourself enables you to stand on the defensive."

By knowing the “enemy” (obstacles, challenges), individuals can use this knowledge to “take the offensive” by building moral, voluntary ways of life here in the physical realm.  Conversely, by “knowing yourself” (Higher Self), one can find the courage to take actions of non-compliance and righteous self-defense.

END Part 4

Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

Top image is from wikimedia commons


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Thanks @frankbacon! Great to hear from ya.

It is a very interesting topic. Creating mass consciousness would allow people to become independent of situations that may be cracked by the same political leaders who represent their countries.

They with deception and domination strategies can bring unhappiness to their countries.

In my case I live in Venezuela where somehow we are subject to a mediatic and real war where we can mediate the population with deceptive measures.

From now on I will carefully follow your next publications on this interesting topic.

Best regards @steeminganarchy


Thanks @felixgarciap. Yes, unfortunately, deception is used quite effectively all over the world to manage people and restrict freedom. This is one reason why truth is so important, so that people can experience greater liberty. I hope that things improve in Venezuela soon. Welcome to Steemit, and cheers. :)

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Hi Jose. Thanks! I learned about Weku from your feed a few days ago, actually. I'm looking into joining but haven't decided yet. I might wait until the coin is launched before I make any moves. If I do join, I'll be happy to use your referral link. Cheers