The State of Anarchy - Documentary Trailer | VIDEO

in anarchy •  4 months ago

This is the introduction to our Full-Length Documentary that is going to be episodically released over the next 2 months! We hope you enjoy and get inspired to kick some Statist ass!!

We are two best friends who are on a mission to expose the world governments for the frauds that they are, and push for a society where individual liberty is held as the standard for society.

We are two Italian guys who grew up fighting on the streets of Philadelphia and are now looking to bring peace and prosperity to The Earth and all of it's people. We are Filmmakers/Journalists who seek to inform the masses about what they can do to take back their power!
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Instagram: @thestateofanarchy

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I am looking forward to the first episode. Anarchapulco has changed my life.



@flauwy You're the man dude! Thanks for all the love and the BOOST!!!!

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Thanks so much @steemitboard we apreciate the love!

Stoked to be here!

Looking forward to the documentary... I've been trying to catch up with my lack of anarchy and political knowledge and this might be a great way to do it!


That's our specialty man! Stay tuned! :-)

Very cool, @stateofanarchy. I'm looking forward to what you share. Personally, the verdict is still out for me whether it's really the Khazarian mafia, Crypto Jews, Jesuits, the Illuminati or whoever really is running the show or some sort of mix between them.

Certainly, “All the world's a stage. And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts...” As William Shakespeare so profoundly put it, who many believe he to be speaking for himself there as well.