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The universe works in mysterious ways.

In February 2018, Carmen Carangi and Sonny Mazzone felt compelled to attend Anarchapulco, the largest gathering of free-minded thinkers the world has yet seen, and this conference is growing.

At Anarchapulco, Carmen and Sonny met Jeff Berwick the Dollar Vigilante and creator of this conference, Mark Passio of What on Earth is Happening and Pat Leach of Illuciferium
amongst many other conference goers.

Shortly after the conference, Pat relocated to Philly to join forces with The State of Anarchy which has since been given the opportunity to work closely with Mark on his up and coming Natural Law documentary, who ironically lives just three short blocks away.

Carmen's fostered relationship with Jeff enabled this connection and after some minor negotiations, Mark and Jeff have come to terms and Mark will be back on the 2019 Anarchapulco stage. See you there!

The State of Anarchy
Pat Leach @illucifer

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Yes! This is so cool that you guys made that happen and that Mark is coming back next year to Anarchapulco. He is so important to the movement. Well done!


@flauwy We couldn't be more excited ourselves!!

This is great news, can't wait for February!

Glad to hear it and glad that everything was patched up.