Democracy and the private sector

in anarchy •  28 days ago 

When the alienation of the masses over their marginalisation by rich elites is expressed in elections, you get Trump; when it is expressed in disruption of elite interests, you get change. This is how you democratise unaccountable power.

The real existing power structure is untouched by the political democratic process; you can’t vote the rich out of power. They are permanent incumbents. All you can do is vote in and out of office those who will serve them. As long as this is the case, political democracy actually serves to deter, not preserve, democratic representation.

Our challenge in the coming decades will be to redirect mass activism towards the power of the private sector; to impose accountability on what is now the impunity and sovereignty of the super-rich. We need to assert our rights as customers and workers to political representation by the corporations we built by our consumerism and labour. We are entering a new stage in the history of democracy; the democratisation of corporate influence.

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