How I became an anarchist (short video)

in anarchy •  last year

Kurt is interviewed by Jeff Berwick on Anarchast, and is asked Jeff's favourite question, "How did you become an anarchist?" Kurt explains how he put the pieces of liberty together - understanding social or personal liberty, understanding economic liberty, understanding the philosophical and legal aspects, and finally having the "click", realising that a state is unnecessary and undesirable.

Watch and listen to the full interview here: Kurt on Anarchast - Living Freely and Enjoying the Ride

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Great video Kurt! So glad you got an episode of Anarchast!

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PS: Thanks @randowhale


Thanks Kenny! Sounds good, I just have to remember to do it when I see a cool post. Might have to tie a knot on my thumb or something.

I watched this on Jeff's Channel, good to see peoples different views on the world. You seem very full of love Kurt! Stay blessed x

Stefan Molyneux is still cool.


Not sure I agree... haha. But that's fine.

Hi Kurt, just watched interview with Jeff on you being flown for free back to Australia. :P

Where is that community you mentioned being north of Byron Bay? Curious.

Is it still in NSW or already in QLD?

I live in western Sydney, but rent and houses are so freaking expensive here, if the bubble doesn't burst soon I seriously consider moving north, was considering Sunshine Coast till I heard you mention an Anarcho-Capitalist community in Jeffs interview. Sounds like paradise. :)