Derrick Broze: Decentralize Your Life (video/podcast)

in anarchy •  last year

In this interview, Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance explains how he decided that money and status weren't so important and he structured his life to meet his needs, about the Freedom Cells and similar organisations popping up across the US - these small independent groups of people training each other to be more free, about the Decentralize Your Life tour that he and his crew are about to embark on - spreading the message of liberty and independence, and finding ways to build communities, and about his new book, written with John Vibes, "Manifesto of the Free Humans", which is the third book in their "Conscious Resistance" series, bridging the gap between spirituality and anarchy.

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Sounds like an interesting piece of information. Gonna try it as a radio in my car tomorrow. Greetings from Petersburg, Russia.