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RE: "So What's Your Plan?"

in #anarchy3 years ago

So your plan is to keep trying to deprogram people and get others to do it as well. I think when you realise almost all of the big "problems" we have are because of the belief of government it makes sense that we could fix them real quick without it existing. It never really existed anyway.
I was thinking about how some people say it's just human nature that people do evil things and there is no way to change it. I thought about that and realised that's total bull shit. If that were true when you hear about child sex trafficking rings and mass murder you wouldn't be disgusted by it. It exists because people tolerate it. People tolerate because they don't stand in their true power because they believe they have any. They think about fitting in more then doing what's right. They don't listen to their moral compass and have a very scarce view of the world. Consumed in fear and helplessness they look to addictions and distractions. It's a dangerous spiral and it's unnatural. The old make belief government and way of thinking does not take in account the whole picture. It's all about what I can get from this exchange not what I can create. That is something we as a species will have to work on but first bring down this false belief and approach to governance.


To me, the most obvious response to the whole "people are just inherently evil" thing is to compare the number of people who do evil crap on their own, to the number of people who do evil crap because a supposed "authority" told them to. The latter is WAY more common. It's not even close.

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