I don't even wanna listen to most people anymore..

in anarchy •  13 days ago  (edited)

I just wanna see ur eyes.

Imho, eyes tell more than thousand words.

Especially if most words, you say, are just lies. - if you lie to yourself, it's still a lie.

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  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Do you think agorism is scaleable? Or how big can it become? I personally can't imagine a voluntarists system bigger than a village. As soon as there is anonymity, I think it needs incentives. People are not so good in giving but most are experts in taking.

Katze :3

Ofc it is scaleable.

In my opinion it even works better the bigger the system becomes.

Cuz as soon as you reach a critical mass. Even more people will consider joining..
cuz it can't be shut down by authorities (decentralized, big enough, masses will join, too many people to jail, hopefully political work for their groups) and the fear and slave mind of the people will fade away..

Especially with counter-economics, there is much to do and there will also be many people using kinda both systems (as long as there are still governments, banks, ...) until theyre feeling safe enough in their free new environment..

For a free living and freedom loving individual, incentives will be clear. For others is also enough to do and enjoy. People are working anyways - in the current system they work hard, ignore the facts theyre slaves, compensate, go to work to tomorrow and keep going.

In the voluntary system they could also consume as much, if not more.
Cuz the people continue working and filling the shelves. but stop paying. and then they keep around 70% which are normally lost (taxes) and can consume, which will make the real economy stronger and therefore voluntary systems easier to build/ to finance/ to find ;)

In my humble opinion the current system is proof that voluntary systems can scale big and care for their people.
Cuz people (in their head) choose freely what they'd like to work. Just they paying taxes isnt voluntarily - now use these 70% or just 50%, or even 30% would probably enough, which is normally used to fix these broken slave systems and only convey a feeling of security to build real systems that really secure ourselves (for example how I'll do it: autonomy, independence, self-sufficiency, teach people about their slave free life - but blockchain will create even better possibilities to really secure ourselves - voluntary decentralized health insurance)

I would also argue it would ultimatively scale (exponential) into a paradigm change in the minds of all people (whole world)

especially regarding already existing technic like blockchain and free energy (room/cosm energy)

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ok thanks, I think I get your point of the positive feedback.

I would also argue it would ultimatively scale (exponential) into a paradigm change in the minds of all people (whole world)

here I have no doubt, any thought or ethic can propagate viral...if the threshold of understanding or getting it without trying is not too high.

I'm pretty sure you understand my point. Even though I'm really not the best in expressing myself.

But when I'm talking with you, there aren't these misunderstandings and pointless discussions about definitions, cuz the talk is about the knowledge and the context. ;-)

That's one of their tools, change the language (for example: word definitions, soft language, political correctness) and people will talk at cross purposes..
People nowaydays don't really know what words like freedom, liberty, anarchy, capitalism, communism really mean and where they came from. They only have their subjective association, which is heavily influenced. TV :D

Agorism is no exceptation. And its definition should appear naturally through describing what we make out of it.

It's first the tech/ act and then the definition and not the other way around.
Well.. it may also be the other way around in most people's heads, but that's just another tool of the matrix..^^

It's first the tech/ act and then the definition and not the other way around.

wow, well said and nothing but true. Allways. This is what I though when I read your explanation. People will not listen to intuition, what ever anarchy is, intuitivly it is right...but they will rather search in their database for a definition "uhh, ohh chaos and no rules and antifa! :O", maybe then our biggest enemy is the word "anarchy" it self.

I think I remember that you once wrote about this problem.

Same with "decentralisation" people use it to trap them selfes into systems like this version of Steem or to sell shit like libra. Its a meaningless term you can only expirience decentralisation by looking who is affecting which portion of the game. And if there are assholes simply move on, leave them with their useless power - Kings of dust and dirt.

yea boy :D

Anarchy is no ruler system like alle the words ending with -ism; it's a natural state and just the description.
but if we somehow sometime accomplish to manifest this natural system into our human systems, we won't call it anarchy ;) cuz the word anarchy is too corrupted, in this brainwashed world.
Best shown right here cuz people think anarchy is a ruling system and then try to discuss with you why we can't implement it cuz there are always bad people and we need some rulers and some kinda system, blabla
they can't come out of their system bubble mind

but still: please don't leave steem :(

Lol thats the last body part i would ever show on chain 😂

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Haha post ur dick

But yea, same ^^

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@luegenbaron, Eyes are true and Crystal Clear expression of oneself.

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"The eyes are the window to the soul" - William Shakespeare


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