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There is nothing wrong with a political war.
That's politics for ya! lol

That still doesn't explain what kafka get's to benefit from all of this..?

The gains from the actions of kokseh make sense. Not moral , but logical.

He was pulling a lot of money from here, and not giving much back, from what I see..

So the question still hangs - what on earth would kafk have to gain from rigging a fake hoax conspiracy?

He would have lot to lose in terms of steemit, and his own standing here...


Well, first Kokesh wasn't involved in any way what so ever from what reading. So what would Ben have gained? Honestly?

Knowledge about Kafka?

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If farmer was employed by kokesh, and the actions would result in a negative way to kafk, thus him laying off the political attacks?

Then yes - the profits then becoming available to the kokesh camp through steemit are self evident.

The opposite is true for kafk. If he was found to be a hoaxer - then negatives to him would far outweigh any positives to be gain - just from steemit alone.

if you've ever had employees that have done things without your knowledge, I'm sure you'd understand that being employed to someone does not make the employer guilty. That just goes hand and hand with a freedom based society.

however, @lucylin, take a second glance at what's going on. Kafka says that he BELIEVES that ben was TRYING to do the following based on the screenshots:

doxxing - to gather someone's information and publish it for malicious purposes.
That's it. literally. reread the screenshots.
EVERYTHING ELSE that kafka has said is either made up by him, his hacker... or I've seen no evidence of.
If I'm wrong, please show me how.

Of course, Kafka doxxed ben, btw. Proudly. And then PUBLICLY requested help of the community to fuck ben's financials.

so on the one hand we have kafka claiming that ben might have wanted to simply dox kafka.

on the other hand we have kafka ACTUALLY DOING IT AND MORE.

that's not doxxing!
Having looked at osme of your posts - that claim of doxxing is beyond stupid..

...and you are too intelligent (based off your posts) , to claim a mistake on the definition of doxxing...which can only, logically lead me to believe your argument is weak and/or disingenuous..?

Is Kafka not working on voluntaryjapan? Does Kafka not have political goals?

Yet ben didn't go even close to that far to doing something like that to Kafka. Kafka literally did and more.

It makes me wonder why you aren't indignant towards kafka

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The only "thing" @kakfanarchy84 is working on is defending genuine voluntaryist principles. The record is there for all to see too. Everyone can go back and look at the posts and replies. We, since I was in many of those posts, were simply defending the truth, self-ownership, and individual liberty.

@larkenrose is doing the same thing.

According to you and those you are defending though, we should simply forget our objectives, stop defending the truth, and drop our ideology. You want us to get out of your way, so you can misdirect and scam more and more people with political action in a system designed to rule them. No thanks.

I'm not going to stop, and I don't expect them to either.

...It makes me wonder why you aren't indignant towards kafka

...I'm not a lackey, or anything lol.

According to Wikipedia it absolutely is. It's by definition

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...Doxxing is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization.

He told ben farmer which organization he worked for - available to anyone with google and one search.

Are you comparing this to private house address, phone numbers, car number plates etc???

The libertarian party/ kokesh organaization , being a political organization - have all their information openly available.

There is no equivalency...

...Or am I missing something?

Identifiable information. Can you show me where Ben asked for Kafka license plate or home address?
I can show you where Kafka not only found Ben's personal data... including where he worked... But then PUBLISHED THAT data to his lackeys and told them to USE that data to get Ben fired and professionally ruined.

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... personal his employment status/address? to his lackeys.....

He has employees?

... and told them to USE that data to get Ben fired and professionally ruined.

....that's politics isn't it? - If you are wallowing in the shit for a living, you are gonna get smeared with it..

Also note the definition says private OR identifiable information.

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Also note the definition says private OR identifiable information.

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Lol. I am amazed at how readily you and @sunshinebear put your stupidity and scandalized “indignation” on display.

It does more for me and my case than I ever could, alone.

Thank you, for being yet another Kokesh campaign staffer foaming at the mouth to project and attack the victim.

When the whole of the opposition’s argument is to type in all caps, and assert that I am a “rude and hateful little man” it’s clear the battle has been won.

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