Smart Cash | A Free-Market Solution to Mainstream Economics | Crypto Panel at Anarchapulco 2019

in anarchy •  last month

The TSOA Crew sat down with Chris Karabats from Smart Cash (AKA @Zaphoid on STEEM and Twitter) to learn about the Smart Cash Community and learn about how it's different from traditional Crypto's like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, one very notable difference is the SMART CARD, which allows for seamless debit-card styled Crypto transactions that work even if the sender is offline!!!

We also hear from Miguel Megias about his successful Smart Cash Proposal and how he's uses Smart Cash to Finance his Surfing Seminars in Venezuela. He also explains how hard it was to send and receive money from his friends/family in Spain, and how switching to Crypto helped him bypass all of the Fee's and Red Tape that would normally come with sending money Internationally.

Not with Smart Cash though!!! This is why TSOA believe that Crypto is one of the #1 Tools we can use as a society to put the Power back in our hands and take out out of the Clutch of the State

The State of Anarchy is an inner state that, once reached in enough individuals will bring about A New Earth!

Join The State of Anarchy, this September's Harvest Moon in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where this gathering of like-minds aims to foster unbreakable relationships between the movement's leading forces whom teach self love and ownership, blockchain techno-economics as well as exposing the Earth's sacred hidden knowledge. Will we see you there?

For more information about The State of Anarchy and Anarchadelphia check out our website.

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