Mark Passio | Initiation into the Occult Truths of Our Reality | Anarchapulco 2019 Interview

in anarchy •  2 months ago

Strap on your seat-belts, Mark Passio is taking us all on a journey to the very bottom of the rabbit hole, revealing all of the Earth's Hidden Knowledge that has been kept in Darkness by the Ruling Occult Forces of this Reality

Mark touches on THE WHOLE PICTURE, starting from being Honest with Oneself and Living in the Moment, to achieving connection with the Higher Divine Self, and even about Martial Arts and Self Defense in the Physical Domain!

Mark was Once a part of this Occult Order, and After having a crisis in conscious and a Spiritual Awakening He now teaches the World The Knowledge that these Occult Orders have worked for Millennia to keep hidden

Enjoy the ride!

The State of Anarchy is an inner state that, once reached in enough individuals will bring about A New Earth!

Join The State of Anarchy, this September's Harvest Moon in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where this gathering of like-minds aims to foster unbreakable relationships between the movement's leading forces whom teach self love and ownership, blockchain techno-economics as well as exposing the Earth's sacred hidden knowledge. Will we see you there?

For more information about The State of Anarchy and Anarchadelphia check out our website.

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