Steem Is Not A Blog : The Micro Task Economy

in anarchy •  5 months ago

Steem is not a blog??

What the hell is the guy even talking about?
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No... Steem is not a blog

Steem is a cryptocurrency

Steem is a cryptocurrency with

  • Proof of Stake passive earnings
  • Near Instant Transaction Times
  • No Fee's

Do you see where I'm going with this??

It's PERFECT for task based economies.

Fivrr, a popular gig site, takes 20% or more of the cost of a service!!

was outrageous

Now it doesn't have to be because we have @Steemgigs

We have @dtube to give us uncensored video and @dlive for live streaming

@steemhunt has all of the best products, and has been giving away tons of free coins

Steem has unlimited potential.

If you look at some of the SMT's that are being announced you may see where we are headed

Let me tell you what I want to create

I see Steem working to create micro economies

Digital economies are the first assumption ...

I am more interested in the physical ones

Imagine a neighborhood with it's own cryptocurrency

Suzy from down the street handles all of the babysitting

The jones have urban gardening down to a science

and everyone's electric car is running perfectly thanks to Steve


No need to spend any of your income

automatically earn tokens to use by taking part in community activities

I want to deploy the concept in a tiny house economy, providing basic shelter to individuals in exchange for micro tasks (@hauscoin)

Screenshot 2018-09-10 at 8.40.48 PM.png

I am currently building my first structure and will deploy later this week.

If аnyone who is reading this is interested in helping, let me know!

Steem is it's own universe.

In this place we have the opportunity to create anything we want.

Become inspired, create something magnificent, and change the world.

What if we all built our dreams?

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All in all Steem is great.

"Proof of Stake passive earnings"

Barely, the amount earned through just holding steem power is negligible. As a passive source of income Steem is horrible.


so does this make self-voting worthwhile? as this is one way i see of earning comfortably with steem power, if you are not delegating sp to bidbots for daily returns.


if it ever becomes an alternative of facebook,instagram, youtube and other platforms then it will be pretty passive for old members like you :P

Do you see where I'm going with this??
It's PERFECT for task based economies.
#icosandwich is already there. 😉

You could build an SMT based app on the same concept, though @icosandwich 😊

This was a great post! Funny too! How exactly could someone go about helping you expand your ideas? I'd be delighted to be part of such a project if possible. Let me know what you are looking for.
By the way, I have been on the platform for about 3 or 4 weeks now and this is the first post I have up voted and this is my first post on this site. Great work, pal! 👍

Love where you are going with this, and I'm right there with you as most of my projects have a "real world" aspect to these digital currencies.

A little shameless self promotion:

#eduSteem: (check my profile) I've been working on educational software that awards students (through their parents accounts atm) for the work they do by publishing weekly reports on their studies. Like wise the teachers in the system can create lesson plans and share them with other teachers in exchange for work done. Note: Its a works in progress and I'm still working toward the first release.

WayFinder: Think roll 20, but decentralized and people are rewarded for adding stories and assets to the network.

I also have a growing idea about creating a comic book and game shop that accepts steem as well as other digital currencies. It would also act as a promotion platform for various STEEM back services by having a IPFS server array (maybe a STEEM block chain setup as well) and recording studios for vloggers and musicians that don't have the resources at their homes.

Many times I told for my friends that the future of blockchains will be an ecosystem which I can send to people $0,01 and didn't pay no fee and be instantly.
This is heels Achilles of banks, and this needs to be the main difference for merchants start to used it.

Indeed Steem is not a blog......most people have failed to differentiate Steem and Steemit so absurd!

I have loved your housing project and i just signed up for more interesting updates.I am from Uganda!

Hey dude, I love your way of thinking. I just posted about a similar idea to pay people for doing nothing in front of a webcam. We could host streams on DLive and pay people to sit silently--this could help them heal their brains from dysfunctional thought patterns and damaged reward circuitry.


I love it. When do we get started @tidnull? I would delegate some SP to a meditation bot ... and use it as well


Do you know how to program? I do not. I would be happy to write more if someone was willing to help on the technical side.

Yes it is right . It is a cryptocurrency platform.

@icosandwhich I have upvoted you with my 100% SP. This is very encouraging blog. I support Steem and Steem Community. Best of luck and let's grow all together. @printskill

Really it is a dream for a new bee,really it is.

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nice and inspiring videos

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Magnificent Post

Excellent, I like your idea, it is very interesting and possibly that is the future, I hope you have a lot of success in your project, I go to bed thinking about this.

Excelente, Me gusta tu idea, es muy interesante y posiblemente ese sea el futuro, espero tengas mucho exito en tu proyecto, me voy a la cama pensando en esto.


thanks @kaldehibueria. Con Mucho Gustoa

Steem was a blog site, was.... the time change are our amazing blockchaing is dinamic, growing up so fast and we need learn how that changes affect the entire steem world.

Cierto, una cosa es la plataforma y red social Steemit y otra su criptomoneda STEEM. Buen post, éxitos.

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Interesting thought process here, I'll have to take a look at your project.


Would love to hear your feedback @the4thmusketeer.

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Grey thinking frnds

Yeah perfectly more people its time to create passive income throught steem

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Great post! It is the first among many communities that gives you the platform to make friends, get education and earn also. Steemit all the way!

very good

May be swiftdemand imitate steem .

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