What they can't do with torches, they do with badges.

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This is a report from the continuing conflict in Charlottesville.

In case you missed it, first the white pride folks wanted to hold a rally.
The anti-fa wanted to oppose that.
So, the biggest bully on the block brought out its violence just to demonstrate that resistance is futile.

What has happened since that day has really dropped from the national news, what with the satanic pedophiles getting their time in the spotlight, and all.

Here is a chance for you to catch up what has happened since.


What They Can’t Do with Badges, They Do with Torches

A Poster

Two years ago today, a thousand fascists converged on Charlottesville for the “Unite the Right” rally, hoping to normalize white supremacist violence as an ordinary part of US politics.
The night before the rally, police were nowhere to be seen as hundreds of fascists marched through the streets with torches, shouting anti-Semitic chants; the next day, massive numbers of police stood aside and did nothing as white supremacists physically attacked local activists of color, clergy members, anarchists, and others who had gathered to protest.
The police only revoked the permit for the rally when courageous anti-fascists successfully defended themselves, creating so much chaos that it was impossible for the rally to proceed as planned.

On the anniversary of those events, we have prepared a poster clarifying the longstanding relationship between police and white supremacist organizations.


Get the rest of the story, and more.

Every day when you get up to greet the world, dear reader, remember that your condoning of rule by force is what has gotten us into this mess.

When the general population refuses to accept violence from the people involved in conflicts will be the day that we stop getting ruled by bullies that think violence is a good way to settle conflicts.
Might makes right.
It is you not pushing back by denouncing those that rule by force that is the problem.

Please enlighten your friends.

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