Do you want to support FBA in my support of the little guys on steem?

in anarchy •  11 months ago

Then follow my trail on

I vote mostly posts of less than 1sbd payout.

Sometimes I will vote a payout of 2 or 3 sbd if they tickle my fancy.

You will not be curating for maximum roi if you choose to join my trail.

I vote on content, and authors, unlikely to trend or even make it onto the hot feed.

If that suits your tastes, search for me in curation trail on, and follow me. 

Be sure to choose 100% if you want to follow my voting percentage, rarely will any vote be over 25%.

I mostly keep my voting percentage above 70%, but you can set a higher value in settings.

If you want to minimize the vp that you donate to my trail choose a lower percentage to vote that fraction of what I vote.

If you choose 10%, and I vote at 25%, your vote will be made at 2.5%.

Some of the posts that I vote do go over a few dollars, but those are generally authors that routinely get less than 10sbd per post and I have voted them early.

All autovotes will be made at 15 minutes, only manual votes will be made later.

I generally stop voting folks that get more than a few sbd routinely, or vote at less than 10%.

The exceptions to this are 1% votes on authors that I like to keep an eye on, just to see what they have to say, mostly accounts with a lot of followers.

Following my trail lets you keep your curation rewards.

If you really want to help us out, you can delegate sp to @freebornsociety with this link:

This link gives 48sp, if you want to delegate more use a number higher than 100000.

@freebornsociety votes on more high value accounts, but generally at a low weight, and just to keep up on the latest information, mostly alternative news accounts and influential accounts.

Look through if you want to see specifically who we vote and in what proportion.

Ganging up for rewards is reward pool rape when done for purposes of voting an exclusive group and/or to increase roi, both of these accounts vote to support the content being posted, and/or the authors, mostly in the third world.

We do not vote an exclusive list, we vote whoever we come across that needs a vote, especially on comments.

We do have a group of authors that get voted routinely, but like I said, when they start getting rewarded regularly in excess of a few sbd per post we take them off the list.

Please do not delegate to the FBA account, the society is run on a different philosophy due to it's outreach in the real world to those that need help.

We got to keep the lights on if we are gonna help folks.

FBA does not need the curation rewards, keep them for yourself.

I, FBA, am also really against ganging up to increase rewards, I make this offer to follow my votes for folks that do not have time to vote fully their own sp, to help the authors that I vote, and as a service for those that want to reach low sp accounts without taking the time needed to find them.

If that is you, feel free to follow me on steemauto.

Have a perfectly peaceful day.

Vote FBA King of the World!

Keep working, stop paying.  No war, but the class war!!

How to win in court!

How to win in court for far less!!

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Just want to say thank you for taking the time to help the little guys. (And gals). It’s people like yourself that makes steemit so special.
I haven’t even made any posts worthy of an upvote. But travel around as a “fan” of interesting and quality content. My measly 1-2 cents upvotes don’t help much. But I hope in time to make votes that matter to someone who’s put time and effort into a post. Hitting “new” and randomly selecting posts are kinda fun. You never know what you’re gonna find.
People complain a lot. And I get it. But there are some good hearted people left. Refreshing to see. And now I’m gonna give you all I can....a resteem and a great big 1 cent upvote. : )


In the days before the hardfork put the kibosh on it, I would go to /cashout and vote the 0 payout posts, but I guess I got too vocal about shaming folks for not joining me that they cut the feed.

Thank you for your .01sbd, it's like a nickel into my pocket, and will be used to spread the love to the less favored on the platform.

I have added you to my comment votes, you will be getting a little something from me for your contributions, now.
When my vote power comes back up it should move the ui, it may now.

If you start to make original posts I will add you to the society's steemvoter so that you won't be totally ignored there, either.

@freebornangel (65) 1 SBD for a post, ah to dream the impossible dream☺️


Keep putting out content and your audience will find you,...


Doesn't happen on steemit.


It does take persistence, and a daily grind,...

Hey Freeborn...I signed up at steemauto to join your curation trail but logged out before entering my active key not feeling safe. Advise please...


Just be sure you use steemconnect, they are safe.

I have used them for delegating and creating accounts.
They need your active key to authorize steemauto's permission to vote for you automatically.
Look back through my posts on antisocialists for the link to revoke that permission, bookmark it, and keep an eye on your steemd, steemdb, or steemworld to see if there are unauthorized votes.

I havent seen any yet, and i have used sc for more than a year.
Im new to sa, so i am watching them, too.
If i see something hinkey i will make a stink about it.

Crossing in the morning, got my fingers crossed to get out unhassled.

Good on you for doing this kind of thing. Keeping the good vibes on steemit 😊

It’s always nice to come across people who want to reach out to the little guys. All thumbs up for the initiative!!

cool beans, hey FBA just getting my sea leg of steemit! good stuff


Well, come on in, pull up a chair and put out some 'good' content.
It takes some time to build a following, but it can be done.

Am quite new on steemit. Posting for a while now the Upvotes on them are not really encouraging cause I feel i put my all in each and every post.
Am hoping I could be on of the little guys you could help grow on this community
Thanks a bunch.


Got ya, it isn't a lot but it beats nothing.

Put out good content, don't spam folks, and be real, real careful about asking folks for help.

If you tell us about what life is like there you shouldn't have problems finding followers.
Commenting with relevance to the post is the trick to letting folks know you are here.


Thanks for the advice. And reply it really means alot. Would keep them at the back of my mind

I like what you are doing here! The hardest part about growing is keeping up with everyone I come across.

The most difficult part about curating as a minnow is the lack of a slider. Trying to recharge is tedious :D

This is a great concept for a manual curation trail. I would like to do this some day as I sit around alot upvoting. Then my VP runs low and I have to take a break from upvoting great content for a few days. This can be difficult when I'm here so much! Gonna toss you and @freebornsociety some love for your efforts, and also as a thank you for the recent love that you showed me.

Keep up the great work!


If you will sign up with you can follow people that will make a list of votes in your steemd account.
I was using steemvoter, but their price tag got toooo high for me, and then I found steemauto.
By doing this you can set the percentage you want to vote those folks with that you follow.

You can also set a percentage in steemauto for how much you want to devote to me.
Just pick what percentage of my vote you want to have.
If you follow the trail with like 10% it shouldn't impact your vp much, and won't keep you from getting the slider as quick as a delegation would.
If it takes you too low you can change it later.
Doing this will give you a list of authors to read, too.
Just follow your votes on

It is definitely hard to build sp now that it's not .2usd anymore.
I would hate to start out now, most of what I have was gotten when the price was under .25usd.
I thought it was bad when I started with 3 steem, but that low price helped a lot.
It only gets worse as the price rises.


So is that how people who clearly don't have a vote slider are voting with a lower percentage?


Well, there are other ways, but that is probably it.

Fossbot is an option if you got some skillz.
I think the cli wallet lets you do stuff like that, too.


That's neat, I will look into it. I've followed your trail (looks like I'm the first one!). I set it at 10%, it won't be very heavy since I'm still a minnow but I'm excited to watch it work.

I've never upvoted for curation profits, but because it was good content. So I'm not worried about roi, I'm happy with the typical 0.001 SP that I get in curation rewards, and it'll only grow from here.


(looks like I'm the first one!)

Alright, you got that going for you!

Curation rewards depend on vote weight, so it may not register on the ui, but the minnow math is done on the blockchain, I'm told.

Let me know if it votes on comments, too?
I'm not sure that it follows my comment votes, it may only vote posts.


Looks like that's a no for comments as it doesn't show anything on steemd. I think it'll have to be an actual post.

I didn't think I got rewards for those low weights, (any curation rewards less than 0.001) that's something I didn't know. Thanks!


There is a dust level cut off, but I don't know exactly what it is.
When I first got going they told me that the ui cutoff and the dust cutoff were not the same, that the minnow math is done on the blockchain.

This is legit. Thanks for doing this to help plankton/minnows!

happy to see your submission, success always yes senior @freebornangel

Love support for the little guys! We all get what you put in!