Alexei Polikhovich speaks from prision.

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It's not everyday that a young man takes his life into his own hands and speaks up publicly in support of freedom from oppressive forces of the state.
On that day we, the folks not him/her, should give some attention to that dude.
If he is willing to speak up in a nation known for killing dissidents the least we can do is help spread his words.


The Speech of Russian Anarchist Alexei Polikhovich in Moscow

For Which He Is Currently Imprisoned

In Moscow, at the end of August 10, plainclothes police officers arrested the anarchist Alexei Polikhovich on his way home from Russia’s largest opposition demonstration since 2011.
A local Moscow court formally charged Alexei with “petty hooliganism” and sentenced him to 13 days in jail.
The arrest stemmed from a combative and passionate speech Alexei gave to thousands in Moscow that day.
You can follow updates on his legal status here.
We consider it especially important to support Russian anarchists in view of the recent slew of torture cases in Russia and the other risks that dissidents face there.
Likewise, we consider international solidarity between anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist movements to be the only hope for humanity, in contrast to all liberals, nationalists, and supposed leftists who throw in their lot with one faction of the global ruling class or another.

The massive rally on August 10 was the culmination of weeks of both authorized and unauthorized demonstrations in Moscow and elsewhere around Russia.
The wave of demonstrations began on July 20, when 20,000 people gathered in Moscow to demand “fair” and “clean” local elections.
A slew of liberal opposition candidates have been barred from running in the Moscow elections coming up on September 8.
The July 20 demonstration was called to oppose what the opposition sees as collusion between the ruling United Russia Party, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, President Vladimir Putin, and their allies to prevent liberal opposition candidates from running.

While July 20 was large but rather quiet, one week later, on July 27, an unauthorized protest in front of Moscow City Hall took a different turn.
Between 1000-1200 people were arrested out of a crowd of 3500, which included 700 journalists.
The heavy-handed brutality against the demonstrators by the Moscow special police forces, the OMON, was nothing particularly new.
Neither was the array of absurd charges, some carrying heavy fines and others potential jail time, that the Russian state doled out.

Surely this added to both the anxiety and resolve of those who gathered on August 3 for another unauthorized opposition protest, at which another 1000 people were detained.
Footage circulated widely on social media showing the brute force of Moscow’s OMON.

Regardless of the liberal politics of the Russian opposition, these circumstances render the impetus for Alexei’s speech self-evident.
Below, we present the text of Alexei’s speech that he posted on the internet prior to the demonstration.

Read the full speech.

Wars are for young people.
It's just the nature of the beast.

Revolutions are for the old.
We can man the walls of the commune as well as any youngster, but when it comes to taking the fight to the enemy on their own turf, those youngsters can run faster and farther.

What we have before us is the beginning of what is coming next.
To get from here to there some sacred cows are gonna have to be slain.

Who is gonna step up and slay the rule by force paradigm?

Young people like this guy.

Speaking up as he has is an extraordinary act of courage.

Fully 7.5 billion people are not concerned with his well being.

Would you know if you hadn't found this post?

This is the first obstacle we must overcome.

Apathy is a bitch.

It enslaves us all.

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I agree that not being subservient is necessary to free people. Samuel Adams said well that those who would lick the hands of masters have no truck with free people. Those who can tolerate boot licking and slavery will not be convinced that they should be free.

I do not agree that leaping into the fire will extinguish the flames of fascism. People that do that just add fuel to the conflagration. I reckon waving placards at passing limousines convinces no one you are right, but just enables thugs to use the placard as a visual aid in targeting you .

Quietly and peacefully eschewing parasitism reduces the capital availed overlords, and increases the power of free people. From traditional DIY undertakings, like growing a garden, firing ceramics in a kiln at home, or repairing your car, or even building your home yourself, as everyone used to do, to making bespoke goods with 3D printers, creating new species with CRISPR, or automating personal food production with aquaponics at home, people have long increased the economic benefits to themselves of their labor, and deprived overlords of their blood and treasure extracted when transactions are parasitized via taxes, fees, and profits.

We don't need to defeat our oppressors. We just need to ignore them until they go away, shriveled and void of capital, and power. The spirit that Alexei possesses lives in all free people that speak the truth, but it doesn't need to be thrown in the face of brutes looking for victims to murder. Liberals do not seek freedom, but more oppression, more censorship, more brutalization via collective subjection to parasitization that extracts all our blood and treasure more and faster.

Let's just skip the whole violent confrontation of war and revolution, and get right on with the victory: peaceful enjoyment of the fruits of our labor and the prosperity that brings our posterity. Don't protest against taxes. Just don't work for overlords that tax you. Don't protest political corruption. Just don't delegate your authority to corrupt representatives. Don't protest profiteering, fees, and carbon taxes. Just don't buy stuff that are subject to them, or sold by people extracting them.

As decentralized means of production continue to be developed and dispersed throughout the population and increasingly enable us to create our own bespoke luxury good and basic essentials alike, the power of free individuals is increasing, and that extracted through transactions to be wielded by overlords decreasing. Physics determines what tech can be, and the laws of physics aren't subject to the whims of overlords, or their political toadies. Just grasping the reality of physics and making it work for you is all it takes to destroy the current police state.

If we continue to ignore them, sooner or later they'll go away.


Haven't we appeased them long enough?

When an oil well catches fire, they put it out with an explosion large enough to starve the flames of air.

We've been ruled by force as far as written history takes us.
When does that stop?
When those sufficient to get power in their hands relinquish it back to the people.

Then, the people will set up a new master, and the cycle will repeat.

Hopefully in the interim enough people will get to doing their own thing and won't be bothered into buying into power concentration schemes.

This comment seems circular. First, using metaphor, you note that revolution is an explosion of violence that overwhelms the violence of oppressive government. Then you note that the cycle of subjection to overlords historically repeats from there.

That is exactly what I advocate against.

I detail a mechanism that is not revealed by historical analogs, but is a break from that cycle of oppression, revolution, and oppression. It is decentralization of wealth, via decentralization of means of production. It is the opposite of centralization, and is presently ongoing. It doesn't require spasms of horrifying violence, which always favor those most capable of violence, and thus oppression.

I do not advocate appeasement, which you imply I do. Not seeking vengeance is not appeasement. Gandhi was not advocating appeasement when he advocated non-violence, and neither am I. I am advocating seizing the means of production on an individual level, which is happening, and reverses the centralization of wealth and power that has been grossly increased in recent centuries through industrialization. I am not a luddite advocating for deindustrialization, but advocate advancing technology - because that increases individual power versus institutions, and that will create actual independent means: wealth.

I don't see why we disagree, honestly.

Ghandi was made palatable to his violent overlords by Bhagat Singh.
Absent Bhagat it is questionable that we would know Ghandi any more than we know Gene Sharp.

It is possible that the bullies give up without a fight, but surrender is not what got them into power, nor will it keep them out of prison for their crimes.

I do agree that decentralization is occuring, and that more freedom is coming.
I would just like to see it before I go.
I think that will require an attentat from each and every one of us, if only in our minds.

Remember, the architects of what we are suffering were convinced that millions would die resisting their conquest of the planet.

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