Global politics as a zero-sum game

in anarchy •  4 months ago

International politics is often following the logic of a zero-sum system. A deal has a winner and a looser. If one country establishes an influence over another, no other country is allowed to gain a beneficial relationship with that country. One countries gain is another countries loss.

But this is a massive waste of potential. So much energy is consumed into destructive actions not producing any wealth. Cooperation generates more profits than isolation and isolation more than conflict.

The reason is that international politics is made by an ensemble of egoistic actors. A good analogy is thinking of a class of 10-year old bullies, fighting each other for dominance. They dont even have much worth fighting over, but instead of creating something they keep fighting for the crumbs.

But why does this type of politics appear, when we all know that we can achieve much more prosperity if we would acting in our shared interests instead of fighting each other? The problem lies in the fact that countries that do not pursue their own self-interest at all costs necessary fall victim to more aggressive and reckless actors.

Global politics is not a free market system. Participation is not voluntary, it will be forced upon you. And the actors have all passed a political system that selects the most power-hungry assholes.

But the system relies fundamentally on splitting the humans into different groups. We have to understand that we may have a citizenship, but it is only a meaningless title to controll us. It is like the id that farmed cattle get, only that they do not identify with their owner, the are just cattle. In the same way, we are just humans.


And our shared interests is to live in a global peaceful coexistence where we strive for common prosperity. We are one family, but we are week because we let us be separated by meaningless labels, start hating each other and waste our energy on destruction instead of creating wealth. All of this wasted potential only so that some monsters can play their games of power and global domination.

More than 99% of humanity do not want to hurt random strangers, yet we do actively or passively financed by our taxes, so much for 'democracy'. Once we break down our mental cages this game will be over. I am not my nationality, I am just one citizen of the earth, I am just me and I have no interest in conflicts. My interest lie in global free trade, common prosperity and distributed security.

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