Equality: Outcome Vs. Opportunities

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Many people debate about what is better, Equal Opportunities or Outcome, also known as Results, we can all agree that Equality before the Law is fundamental, there is no debate there, however, when we talk about Opportunities and Results things change, there is a very intense debate about this subject and today we will talk about it.


First of all it is worth clarifying that from a realistic point of view, there is no equality, not even before the law, in the case of the law there will always be some case of favouritism' towards some side either for political reasons or for money, but this is obviously not the general rule and represents very few cases, if any, if any at all, if we are talking about countries with a respectable rule of law, of course. In the case of equality of results it is impossible to maintain because there will always be people who "defeat" the system and obtain some advantage and in the case of equality of opportunity there really is no such equality, because each person is totally different from another, they have different intelligences, different talents, different riches among other things.

Now, let's talk about what matters to us, Equal Results or Equal Opportunities, Milton Friedman speaks in his book "Free to Choose" about this topic, during Chapter 5 of his book, Friedman analyzes the three different ways in which human beings are considered equal. Friedman has three categories for human equality: equality before God, equality of opportunity, and equality of outcome. He believes that the first is the use of the Founders, the second is compatible with freedom, and the third is socialism... Friedman certainly had the idea that if you give people freedom, they will make their own decisions, so the results will never be the same.

Let's focus on Equal Outcome and Equal Opportunities:

Equality of Outcome translates into No Meritocracy. With all that that means, it means that everyone gets the same amount of money regardless of their job. I mean, a neurosurgeon would make as much money as a waiter, for example. All people would earn the same and be in the same or similar position. It sounds terrible, doesn't it? Well, it is. This would eliminate the incentives to create and innovate, eliminate the incentives to be the best at what you do and therefore the incentive to compete. If you want to be an engineer, you have to work hard to be the best and innovate, however knowing that you will get the same reward whether you work hard or not, it is not worth it. It eliminates the Meritocracy, therefore, intelligent and more prepared people must do the most complex tasks, if you force people who are not prepared to do a task for which they are not competent not only would you get productivity problems and possible mistakes that could be serious, but you would also be taking away the opportunity to work from a person who worked, studied and worked hard to perform that task.

Equality of results is something impossible to achieve because even in a Communist and brutally totalitarian system you would not be able to get anyone to benefit from any mistake in the system in the long run, to give you a current example, it happens in Venezuela with the CLAP boxes, some people take advantage of the system to get more out of these boxes or even trade with them... It is also immoral, because you would force conformism and not be able to aspire to more, something that is human and that many people who possess the talents and intellectual abilities would be greatly affected by the mediocrity of others, this kind of equality would be the equivalent of caging a bird and not letting it fly. As I said, this is the basis of Communism, If someone has more, then it's because they unfairly took it, cheated, or had an advantage.

The Equality of Opportunities means that all people get the opportunity to make right choices and build careers and lifestyles how they want to. The rest is up to them. Some are wealthier, some are smarter and some work harder. People are simply different. It represents having the possibility to get what you want, the possibility to choose the education you want or to aspire to some job you want, but for that you must prepare yourself and work hard to achieve it, some have it easier because they have more money, or are more intelligent, perhaps they are more talented, but just as I can not play football as Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi and I can not earn tens of millions of dollars by doing sport this does not mean that I can not succeed by doing something else. This applies to everyone. Equal Opportunities is the respect for individual freedom, no one will force you to conform or do less, here there is meritocracy and people are rewarded for working harder and more efficiently, innovation and always aspire to more, as it should be. I said before that equality doesn't really exist at this point, and it's true, because no one is the same, some are more intelligent, more talented or have more money and this is a fact, but there has to be freedom, you can't cry because 1% has more facilities than you, it's absurd, in this Cristiano Ronaldo is an example to follow, in his childhood he was very poor and now is where he is with hard work, talent and dedication, it's a matter of Mentality. Milton Friedman more simply describes some of our rights and how we are all equal before the law. This type of equality is not inconsistent with liberty, but "an essential component of liberty. Friedman notes that if someone is denied a job they are qualified for based on their ethnic background, color or religion, then they are being denied equal opportunity.


"But let’s consider where this leads. If we were to really try and equal the outcomes, then less advantaged kids would be given the greatest amount of training and the advantaged kids would be given the least amount of training. That’s fair, right? Not for the advantaged kids. The fact is, life is not fair. It is important to realize how we benefit from things being unfair. I take great pleasure in watching the best of the best play against the best of the best. That’s why we pay money to go to sporting events or watch movies with the best actors. “What kind of world would it be if everyone were a duplicate of everyone else?” Source

In other words, Equal Opportunities is the clear winner as it represents Individual Freedom and encourages work, competition and innovation, life is not fair and you must not condemn others to be miserable or to choose little, people have the right to exploit their abilities to the full to achieve their goals and nothing and no one has the right to avoid it, much less a communist idea like equality of results, which I say again, could only try to apply if you go against human nature and force people to be equal, which they are not and will not be, so you would need a brutally totalitarian government that literally controls people's lives. As always, thank you for reading. Peace.

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Yes this is right .... Great post treat people a different way and manage people a different


Exactly, everyone is different so they will make different choices, therefore they will have different results. It's Freedom ^^ Thanks for your comment.


Always welcome sir really u r great

Excellent post. Upvoted. Firstly I am absolutely in favour of equality of opportunity. This seems to be by far the best way to ensure the healthiest possible society. I am equally opposed to forced or legislated equality of outcome. This seems the best way to ensure the worst, least effective, possible society. Meritocracy with an intense focus upon equal opportunity is the only logical position. I would argue this can best be achieved without the interference of a state.

Good stuff. Many thanks.


I say the same, Thanks!

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