Anarchy Today - Part 5 - Today's Anarchy

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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
Anarchy Today - Part 5 - Today's Anarchy

"Anarchy is inside our head, not outside." - charlie777pt


" The first thing you have to know is yourself. A man who knows himself can step outside himself and watch his own reactions like an observer." - Adam Smith

But, in a long distant future more humanized, we must try to prepare ourselves to live in, and love Sanctuary Earth, throwing away the stone and tools (appropriation of Nature) that created millions of years ago, a barrier between human beings, based in the inequality of our actual material world and the bigger is the development of science and technology that will create a continuously distancing from Man and Nature and between themselves.

"Freedom is not unconcern or disinterest because it is the self-conditioning of our life" - charlie777pt

Anarchy is always a dormant movement that can be triggered when there are a crisis and social unrest with authoritarian forces fighting to take the power, state and the financial fluxes.

"The proper method for hastening the decay of error is by teaching every man to think for himself." - William Godwin

I think that even anarcho-capitalism could agree that we have to transform capitalism into a humanism, that could guarantee the first three basic needs (Physiological, Safety, and Love/Belonging) of Herzberg's pyramid for All, and leaving the other 2 levels (Self-esteem and Self-actualization) as the pool for the Ones seeking for the power social innovation and change and want to feel the difference in terms of material possessions.
We can make happiness for the hermit possessing nothing to the ones living in big palaces, cars, and own material value, as a way to fulfill everybody's affirmation of power.

Anarchists create anticipated dreams as the fuel of action to attain realizable utopias, that can create massive socio-political-economical change.

" Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does." - Jean-Paul Sartre

The Law serves obedience to the centralized structure of power, with reinforcement of police force, when a and that should be elaborated as a product of relations between people for a self-regulating social order control.

1 - Micro and Macro-Politics

At the end of the XIX century, politics was considered the science of government, and it took a long time till it was named the art of governance of organized power, and today is seen as the science of power by the centralized authority.

In anarchism, we must dissociate and separate the Micro-Politics of small communities, where the power is more about each individual fighting for power structured informally, of the Macro-Politics of competition for the organized power of big social groups like parties, corporate power, institutions, ministries and the State.

Micro-politics involves direct participation in the process of decision making of collective interests and cooperation on common problems at the community level.

Every anarchist wants to eliminate Macro-politics centralization of power by the governments of nations, and corporative power.

Anarchy wants to reduce macro-politics to the consensual interaction of smaller autonomous communities and eliminate the political input of parties, individuals, and sponsors, and the political output of laws, policies, as well as state indoctrination, and media manipulation.

Anarchy is not a social-political change, but just an individual way of thinking, acting, and experience of reality around us to regenerate society through a social revolution.

We need to create a collective global awareness more focused on human valorization than on the value of money or material possessions because there is no happiness for each one when it is not a possibility for all.

"Private property implies exclusivity, inequality, and difference. "- Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Politicians today are elected by the money and for the money of a few

Individualist and libertarian views of individual freedom, of less or nulled state intervention, must embrace anarchist activism with the horizontal organized leaderless and unplanned movements, against the advent of any fascism or bolshevism that are preceded by times of political populism leading by emotional control and irrationality, to hide the fact that they don't have solutions to the problems they created.

2 - Decentralization is Anarchy in the Blockchain

Libertarians and anarcho-capitalism want the regulations to be strictly based in management and private law, and want to eliminate political regulations and government power or any collective constraint sanctioning of the individual's freedom, the right to own property and live in legal equality.

Individualists just want to be free but that implies that some should have the right to organize and establish mutual contracts to influence and act over reality as long as they don't try to collectivize and create legal or moral constraints to personal will.

Allowing community or individual ownership in the new crypto-economy, with databased assets without any third centralized parts that are replaced by a trustless cryptographic encrypted messaging, recorded in a shared opened public ledger implemented in the blockchain.

Soon the blockchain will be invaded by institutional traders and investors with their KYC/AML territorial and country taxation created laws, that will shake its foundations and the good-willed spirits of the "outernational" cyberspace, working in parallel and horizontal communication and asset transaction with open ledger to international free participation in the new free Anarchic Reign of the "blockchained" Internet.

Traders and Investors are radically different, the former is totally detached from the object of investment and is driven by "sell-high"/ "buy-low" cold numbers, while the later are immersed in a total emotional involvement with the capital and has more tendency to "hodl" and perpetuate the love relationship with the purchased value even in the worst crisis.

US imperial dominion is crumbling, and we have the risk of new emerging empires like China, Russia, and the petrodollar Arab Lords, but we must find a way of decentralizing and humanizing the world where the anarchist principles can stand on.

Anarchy is self-sustainability, autonomy, self-determination, individual sovereignty, denying collective constraints from the centralized control of the governs' supremacy, based in state authority, supervision and surveillance, like the emperors of individual mind, reasoning, and acting.

Anarchy is the alternative to today's alienating convergence of a mass society, and anarchists actually have the blockchain decentralized tools and property, that can facilitate the emergence of an anarchist organized society, based in the principle of decentralization with free individuals and the possibility of establishing mutualist contracts congregating autonomous communities, balancing the global and the individual freedom.

Anarchism can today be internationalized creating a balance between local action and collective decision, making in the global decentralized network supported by the blockchain technology to build a psychologically healthier society.

Actual centralized systems are destroying the world, and we are living in a decaying society, with increasing poverty, inequality, pollution, and wars, with transnational and corporate capital lobbying and controlling centralized government authorities in a brotherhood of interests destroying public good and funds, without any justice or accountability.

Anarchism promotes change against the empires of oppression, and supports attitudes and forms of action ranging from total pacifism to the extreme of insurrectional activism.

Anarchism is not only a fashion lifestyle, a tattoo or a revolutionary haircut, not even an academic approach to reality, but an autonomous and ethical way of thinking, acting and experience the world.

"To know" is used to think about Reality, but Knowledge is the capacity to act, to change, and to feel the World.

This means that anarchy is a form of intervention in our surroundings, that opens the gates of the Anarchic Reign of individual sovereignty to create innovative ideas for social interaction, without centralization.

Any economic, social, or political instability leads to a crisis of values, that always awakes the voice of Anarchy as the ultimate path to existence, while anarchism is the practice of several principles orienting action and intervention to open the roads for a more humanized and prosperous world in a preserved planet.

Centralization and capital concentration generated organizational networks of slave labor, the degradation of the human habitat with toxic waste, the empoverishing inequalities in the access to scientific, technological, social and medical advances.

The centralization of power is perverting the economic global dynamics and wants to regulate p2p connectivity in the anarchic reign of the internet and replace it by p-control-p of surveillance and censorship, to suffocate freedom of speech eliminating privacy and anonymity.

Mainstream media shuts down one's mind to the fact that we must participate in the construction of a new future that we all will be living in.

The actual false political liberalism, capitalism and democracy, is in the path of increasing entropy to dissolution, that are pre-signals of authoritarian self-centered regimens and possibly big wars to feed the apocalypse of humanity with gun sales and psychological, economic and cultural warfare.

Anarcho-capitalists have an absolute belief in individualist freedom, in an open self-regulated market, with individuals or a collective bonded by contract as the only law, could create a flourishing new society into an humanized world of harmony.

Crypto-economy is the new reality, fostered by the innovation of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and is going to change political role and trust in the state, replacing it by self-governance models and collective consensus.

" You can't regulate what was created to not be regulated. A regulated or proprietary blockchain will be a hierarchic "prison-chain".
The reaction of regulators is always inconsistent and slow (they are behind reality), so they create barriers that express their ignorance, creating friction to augment costs and rob competitiveness to the markets and to the flux of goods and money.
Real regulations must come from the interaction in consensus for all the members of a community and between communities inhabiting the blockchain." - charlie777pt in "Is the blockchain the "Engine Room" of "Starship Earth"? - Part I

This is the end of the first part of four, in this essay on the Dialectics of Liberation, that was dedicated to Anarchy , the only political alternative to the actual state of degradation of the concepts of libertarianism, capitalism, and democracy killed by power centralization and total lack of scrutiny by the citizens, and I will start the second part devoted to existentialism and the uniqueness of every human being.

In the third part we will talk about Decentralization as an extension of Anarchy, to finish with the Dialectics of Self-Liberation, speaking about fast, savage and dangerous tools for the destructuring of the Being, for its transformation and generation of greater ontological security, more awakening for itself and for the World, resulting in a reduction of basic human anxiety.

The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism and Decentralism.
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The reason why there are so many Anarchists on steemit is precisely because of the decentralized nature so I definitely agree with decentralization being a form of anarchy

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