Anarchy Today - Part 3 - Anarchist Tools

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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
Anarchy Today - Part 3 - Anarchist Tools

"Man must fear a life without meaning, because when you have no choices you are a hostage from the System" - charlie777pt


Before the posts of Anarchy in the Blockchain and decentralized applications, I decided to dedicate one post to present some Tools for Anarchism, that can feed the anarchist dream of autonomy in self-sustainability.
The first anarchist society was in Catalonia from 1936 to 1939, but this frightened the leftist Soviet factions, that suffocated and even murdered them and facilitated the victory of the right fascist movement. Today we could call it autonomous temporary zone

There are some self-sustainable communities with collective ownership, with a horizontal organization of the means of production, balancing co-operation and personal freedom and, normally developing DIY projects.

1- Earth-Ships, Living off the Grid

Earthships are autonomous living houses totally disconnected of the grid for electricity, sewers, and water self-sufficiency, as well as providing a greenhouse to plant vegetables and even grow fish using its dejects as manure for the plants.
The concept "off the grid", is an important achievement to create self-sustainability as an anarchic principle of staying out of the centralized economic and political impositions of Governments.
In the "civilized world" centralized structures have political outputs of rhetoric, policies, and rules that forbid such projects, making them more viable in third world countries with less tied rules to off-the-grid independent construction.

This self-sustainable habitat can be built using recycled waste, like tires, bottles, and cans, with human activities
integrated into the natural world
and do not harm the environment.
Earth-Ships are buildings made from eco-materials mostly recycled, with renewable energy and treated water, incorporating greenhouse or permaculture, which allows to reduce the ecological footprint of fossil fuels, the waste of water, chemicals in the plants and, above all, reducing the costs of living related to centralized and corporate structures of third parties.

2 - @-zones, Kick of the State

Autonomous zones(@-zones) are communities organized under anarchist principles of mutual help and cooperation, totally autonomic in relation to the State government or religion and are also called Permanent Autonomous Zone (PAZ), where people can also gather and learn past and future anarchist theories and practices.
Some Autonomous Zones have places to meet and activities like rational food and give a help to people needing a cultural transfer to be prepared to face the future of society.

Peter Lamborn Wilson (Hakim Bey) wrote the manifesto “The Temporary Autonomous Zone” (TAZ) published in 1991 as T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism as an anarchist movement independent from the authority of the states.
For Wilson the Autonomous Zones can only be temporary, because sooner or later the surrounding structures will interfere with its continuity.

  • Rojava Revolution
    The Rojava Revolution is a kind of anarcho-communism, founded in the middle of a war conflict zone in Syrya is an example of a community that found ways to write a constitution for an autonomous region, where women have a say, by even participating in military defense.
  • The Zapatistas communities
    In 1994 small farmers of Chiapas in Mexico created an autonomous zone, with around a quarter of a million inhabitants, declining funds from the government, but they build all the necessary infrastructures in health care, banks, schooling and communal centers, using a democratic governance, locally decentralized they call "Caracol" (Snail), and they stopped organized crime and alcohol (by the demand of women that have all the rights equal to man consecrated by Revolutionary Law of Women), in self-governed communities.
  • Freetown Christiania
    Freetown Christiania in the in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen, and is an independent anarchist autonomous zone, with no interference from the central government, but have been in trouble since its proclamation, in one side with conflicts with authority,and as drug-free zone that has attracted the mafias of the drug cartels, that tried to dominate the territory.
    It is based in non-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian principles and provide free independent schools and community eco-garden, free local press and radio stations, local internet providers and is managed in collective governance.

3 - Eco-Villages, Out of the System

Joan Bokaer in 1990, started the first vision of the Eco-village, like autonomous communities, socially and economically self-sustainable, with the respect of the environment, a practical model started in 1996 in the Eco-Village in Ithaca and today we have already 400 communities, and the concept is spreading all over the world in rural or city areas.
The most cited examples of Autonomous zones are the Dreamtime Village in Wisconson and the famous PAZ Ecovillage in Texas for freedom in self-growth and self-expression, peace and a reduced friction with the environment and resources consumption.

Eco-Villages are a kind of eco-anarchism, providing sustainable housing, and according to Dunbars numbers, the eco-communities should never have more than 150 members to preserve direct democracy, where every person has the right and space to affirm their personality and difference.
The new experiment of the ReGen Villages is the hi-tech vision of eco-villages. that are initiating in the Netherlands.

Anarchist individuals and communities believe in the sustainability of our "Space-Ship Earth" and in freedom at social and economic level.

[Edited] - I found this very useful link I found in the user @zedikaredirect after writing the post as an excellent reference to this article[/Edited]


Green Citadels. Explore eco-friendly earthships with sustainability pioneers

- TAZ (Temporary autonomous zones) by Peter Lamborn Wilson (aka Hakim Bey)

Eco-Village Sustainable Communities (summary of 'A New We')

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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism and Decentralism.
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