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Removing Social Constructs from Capitalism

in anarchy •  last year 

What do you mean by,"not when you take socialism out of the equation"

What socialism? That doesn't make any sense.

"Capital exchange between two people is not a social contract"

How do you figure?

You need the social contract of currency.
You need the social contract of private property.
You need the social contract of commodity production.

Amoungst many other things that I'm probably forgetting about before capital exchange can even occur.

"This is the point"

Yeah I know exactly what your point is, it's factually inaccurate.

To quote Ayn Rand,"check your premise"

"Communism is the ideology that always has the social construct of distributing production."

Okay. Never said there wasn't social contracts in communism.

You're arguing that capitalism doesn't have social contracts, which is an example of blindly believeing in ideology.

You think what exactly, that capitalism is human nature?

Read any anthropology text book and it becomes abundantly clear that humans develop according to their environment.

There is no set human nature outside basic biological need.

We are created by our environment and we create our environment.

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  ·  last year (edited)

First things first. You miss quoted me, repeatedly.
I didn't use the term 'contract' (or 'equation') anywhere in the comment above.

I will give you a second chance at reformulating a comment based on correct assumptions, and not address this one, that has an error.

And just a side note here, if we are going to go through the nuances, it will require considerable attention on your part to follow along with complex reasoning.