Original composition and ramblings about Bookchins conception of the Fecund individual

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In Bookchins theories of eco-socialism, there are no proletariat, there are no bourgeois, in fact, he envisioned a world free of not only class divisions, but a world free of hierarchical relations entirely. Weather that be social hierarchy, present in our sexual relationships, or weather that be economic hierarchy present in our property relationships.

For Bookchin, the eco-crisis that we are seeing now, has it's roots in the social order present in our capitalist society.

Bookchin foresaw a world, where humanity realized it's true position in nature, being not a force of domination, but rather a force of recreation.


For, just as Marx before him, Bookchin understood that commodity production(as present in our capitalist economy) made a situation where humanity is not only alienated from our work, but alienated with each other and our world.

"Things are in themselves external to man, and therefore alienable. In order that this alienation may be reciprocal, it is only necessary for men to agree tacitly to treat each other as private owners of those alienable things, and, precisely for that reason, as person who are independent of each other. But his relationship of reciprocal isolation and foreignness does not exist for the member of a primitive community of natural origin, weather it takes the form of a patriarchal family, an ancient Indian commune or an Inca state. The exchange of commodities begins where communities have their boundaries, at their point of contact with other communities, or with members of the latter. However, as soon as products have become commodities in the external relations of a community, they also, by reaction, become commodities in the internal life of the community"

-Karl Marx Das Kapital Volume one

When we are alienated from our external world, as Marx pointed out in the quote above, nature is seen as something to be exploited. When nature is a thing to be exploited, it will be exhausted. With a natural world exhausted, humanity too, will exhaust itself.

Extinction is bound to occur when there are no natural resources.

Now in bookchins eco-socialism, he envisioned a population of people he called,"fecund".

Now fecund, in the general sense, means to be reproductive. It is often used to describe someone who has a knack for gardening.

To be fecund, in Bookchins eyes, was to not only reproduce yourself through your work, but to reproduce nature, and art, and love, and romance, and all the other things we do that make us human.

To be fecund is to grow.

To be fecund, is to negate the contradiction of the alienation of capitalism. It is to once again find a harmonious balance between the forces of nature, and your individuality.

So I composed a song. It's called,"FECUND!" what I wished to express with this composition was the feeling you have when you are fecund, one of immense lively hood, one of immense exhilaration at your position inside nature, as part of nature, as something that has arose out of the eons of the evolution of the cosmos. The realization that you are here, the universe, finally having the ability at self realization.

Once only atoms and void, but now arises the spirit of the fecund, sharing nature as equals.

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