The Truth about what happened at Hurricane Harvey, a witness statement by a ground rescuer who saw what FEMA and other government officials were really doing

in anarchy •  last year

The truth about what happened at Hurricane Harvey in Texas, by a ground rescuer who witnessed FEMA moving people on prison camps and then would disappear among many other shocking reports where he witnessed the the real heroes of this disaster have been the Cajun, and Texas civilian Navy. The militia, and civilians person found that not complying with the Federal agents, would stay alive and were making it through roadblocks, and by avoiding FEMA officials was the only way to save lives.

The reality was that several thousand bodies were uncounted and left to float away out to sea. Its important to support brave folks like this man who risked his own life to help rescue others and to share this witness statement on a site that doesn't censor the truth that no one is talking about in mainstream media. We now have to rely on citizen journalists like this brave man who saw the reality of this horrific engineered disaster

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