A Call to the Next Level of Work in the World

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This is a call for those who are ready to hear it, to step into a higher level of work. In healing, the bodymind experiences pain and imbalance in a loud effort to get you to pay attention and make some changes in your life. Similarly, this is what we see happening in the world around us as a big giant wound is opened up for all of us to experience and move through. In healing, we must make changes or no healing occurs. We cannot go back to the old way or the imbalance worsens. The solution is a new way of being, and it’s up to us to discover what that is in our healing process. Likewise, it will not be possible for us to return to politics as usual. We cannot go back in time and do more of the same. We cannot do what has already been done if we wish to heal. What is the current state of the world reflecting back to you about your own inner pain and your own inner wounds? Your work is to heal those wounds inside of yourself. Your work is not to yell and scream at the people around you. Your anger and disgust won’t heal it. You need to find how you are angry and disgusted with yourself.

Many have been working to expose lies, propaganda, and harmful actions by “the powers that be” for many years. But that work is coming to a close, and there are those who will now feel a call to the new level of work, the work of healing, being clear and holding calm. Being a light and holding out your hand for those who wish to take it and begin their journey of inner truth and healing. The world is moving into a higher vibration, and we’re undergoing a healing crisis of sorts. The exposing part is no longer as important as it once was. Most people are very aware that the system is very off. Reminding them only adds to their fear. The longer you stay in the energy of exposing what’s wrong, the longer you are in the energy of what's wrong, contributing more to what’s wrong. What’s needed most now is more people to move into what is good and creating more of what feels good and is of the higher vibration. The longer you stay in the exposing of what is wrong, the longer you are in the vibration of what is wrong. And that is not wrong, it is part of the healing process.

There comes a time in healing when we stop beating the drum of what is wrong and turn our backs on it to face in the direction of what is right.

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Define your term "Higher Vibration".
How is pointing out whats wrong with the system "contributing to what is wrong"?
Define What exactly is the "vibration of what is wrong".
How will we heal?
what is the "direction of what is right?"

Please provide proper referencing in your rebuttal.

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