Sterlin Lujan - Compassionate Anarchy (podcast/video)

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Every day millions of freedom lovers take to social media in an attempt to argue their way to a freer world, trying to convince people that they should be able to enjoy liberty, that they have rights that should be respected, that they are sovereign individuals who should command their own autonomy. Most of the time, the response is "No, I shouldn't, no I don't, and no I'm not." The freedom lovers fail because they try to isolate people's beliefs with logic, quickly making them defensive. Few people really want to hear how wrong they are, how foolish they've been for believing in government indoctrination, and how many contradictions their outlook contains.

Sterlin Lujan has a different approach. By using the insights that he has gained from studying psychology, he has devised a method called "compassionate anarchy" or "relational anarchy". He says that instead of trying to be combative, we should learn to relate to people. By building positive connections with people, we can allow the essence of freedom to enter right now. By practising respect, we create respect.

In this episode, Kurt interviews Sterlin about his ideas on how to embrace and spread liberty, how certain substances such as ecstacy (MDMA) may give us insight into how to be more empathetic, how the desire to rule or be ruled is a type of stress response to an authoritarian society, and how stress responses can be healed using different types of talk therapy.

Join us on another psychologically anarchic episode of ... The Paradise Paradox!

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Sterlin used to be very active on steemit back when the payouts were insane. He had some good posts.


He's a great guy! I like his ideas about anarchism :)