Photo Recap: Anarchapulco 2018


by @JohnnyHurley

Good day Steemians!

Just wanted to share our experience at the unforgettable Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico. Many of our long time favorite writers, researchers, journalists, and activists were present and we had the fortune to meet many of them. Here is a recap of our time there, hope you enjoy!

@MearOne was the live painter who created two beautiful murals(sorry we didn't get the other one) throughout the conference while the speakers presented. It was a little distracting as it was tempting to watch his pieces evolve before our eyes! Much thanks to him for creating such inspiring works. They auctioned at the end for a hefty crypto sum, congrats MearOne!
@BruceB and @JohnnyHurley were pretty dang ecstatic upon arrival... Just had to throw this one in for fun! FYI Bruce named the conference in a little contest back when this whole thing started...
Our dear friend @KennysKitchen is a fantastic host and facilitator and maintained (with plenty of help) a wonderful home for many folks for a full month surrounding the conference. We cannot thank him enough for all he has done for We Are Change Colorado and Anarchapulco and Anarchaforko! This was at his talk with Lisa Freeman about addiction at the Health and Wellness conference just before the main conference.
Of course Anarchapulco would not be what it is without Jeff Berwick @dollarvigilante who opened to massive applause from a massive audience. Derrick Broze @dbroze was the first scheduled speaker but we were so busy howling and cheering we forgot to snap a pic! If you have a good one send it our way and we'll edit it in before the payout.
@BenSwann was another very well received guest! He talked about his battle with his show Reality Check on CBS4 and his resurgence powered by Dash cryptocurrency. He is up and running full steem, check out his page here for the latest episodes. (Apopogies for the low res on these last two)
Nathan Freeman, another major driving force of the conference, looking gleefully subversive with his Guy Fawkes mask. Congrats to him and Lisa on renewing their wedding vows!
The integration of things like yoga, live painting, and ecstatic dance, which are more heart and body centered, into a very brain oriented conference is exactly what is needed to spread these messages of freedom as far and wide as possible! Much thanks to @CareyWedler and @MackWolfe for facilitating much needed yoga stretches morning and night!
@AlaisClay one of our most beloved artists here in Colorado blessed the stage at the concert with her deeply conscious lyrics! What a treat to have her with us as she opened for none other than...
The Wu-Tang Clan!! That's right, just two weeks before the conference Killa Priest and Prodigal Sunn contatcted the organizers and said they wanted to be a part of it. Yeah, they came to US! And of course they slayed!
Yes, that is THE G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature From Jekyl Island, the man who brought to light the nature of the Federal Reserve to many millions of truth seekers. It warms our litle hearts to know that he is still kicking evil's ass and is appreciated by this new wave of anarchists. Scroll down a bit on our blog to find @bruceb interviewing him! What a treat!
@AdamKokesh interviewed former senator Cynthia McKinney on stage. They spoke about her son turning to anarchy way before this movement caught fire, her involvement with 9/11 in boldly asking "dangerous" questions about glaring inconsistencies and omissions in the government's official story, and her finally moving out of the U.S. due to the increasing encroachment on civil liberties, police brutality, overt corruption... you know why. Adam also did a great job of answering tough questions about his run for NOT President of the United States. Check out his website for more info!
Of course what was likely the highlight for many attendees was former senator Dr. Ron Paul. Nobody has brought the message of liberty ot more Americans than this man, enough said. His reception was unmatched!
@LarkenRose is one of the best defenders of the principles of freedom and his talk about the "nature of the beast" fairly accurately compared government to narcissism. These sickos DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! He also had a heated debate with Lauren Southern about government borders. Much respect to her for coming to an anarchist convention to defend the supposed merits of government.
@maxigan gave a very candid talk about the dangers of evil people programming digital technologies and the folly of incorporating A.I. into governance. This man does everything for his production at The Crowhouse. Scroll down our blog to see @johnnyhurley interview him on the spot!
Thanks to Bernhard Guenther for bringing less oft disscussed topics like esoteric symbolism and secret societies to this table. He discussed some of the pitfalls of the new age movement, the importance of inner work, and the abuse of entheogens. Check out his website for his content.
And of course, the one, the only Mark Passio, who has brought so many to the ideas of anarchy(without hyphens!) and natural law. He was fired up as always and gave a strong talk about inner work. Keep up the great work Mark!
The last day was all about cryptos and our friend Chuck Williams with Dash Digital Cash Network had a chance to share his personal story of inner work and shine light on the future of Dash and why it is unique among a sea of cryptos. He even acknowledged We Are Change Colorado in his personal journey to a packed house of hundreds! Thanks Chuck!
Roger Ver... what an interesting character. A loud proponent of Bitcoin Cash and a heartfelt revolutionary, he was generally well received, however he faced some opposition during audience questions. He handled it deftly and we appreciated his presence!
Soooo many moments we didn't catch on film, so many great connections with friends new and old! We convened for dinner with a great crowd to celebrate a great gathering with deep reflections and with hopes of doing so again next year.

Not sure how to close this out in the same way that we didn't want the trip to end! But we had to throw this little gem in here... @JohnnyHurley and @DannyQuest took a tour of Acapulco and came across this little beauty in the middle of the city. Naturally it spoke to us! Talk about being the change, HA wow!

Thanks for reading through and tolerating our grainy smartphone pics! Again it is hard to explain just how wonderful it all was... it may take a while to process it all. We hope to see you all there again next year. Cheers!

All photo credits to @BruceB and @JohnnyHurley 's crappy phone cameras!


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Looks like a great event with awesome speakers! Would have loved to been there! I'll try to make it to the next one! Thanks for the post!

Time flies by sooo fast during the conference. Gonna have to add a few extra days next year just to take it all in and process. What an amazing event. See you next year!

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We're not really into extortion but we'll let you know if something pops up!


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