Free Talk Live | TSOA Interviews Ian Freeman and Mark Edge!

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Sonny Mazzone (@sonnymazzone) interviews the duo from the New Hampshire based National Syndicated Libertarian Radio Show Free Talk Live

Ian Freeman and Mark Edge are two Libertarian Activists who spend their time discussing and examining the current societal structure and examining alternative ideas and systems that are based more around Individual Liberty and Personal Sovereignty.

The are also part of a one-of-a-kind movement they call The Great Freedom Migration, which is a movement to essentially concentrate as many libertarians as possible (American or otherwise) into the most free place in America, in order to essentially coup the Local and State governments by flooding them with Libertarians and Anarchists!

Ian and Mark themselves relocated from the Tampa Bay area of Florida to New Hampshire because they knew that sitting around and Chit-Chatting over drinks or a spliff is simply not enough to create Freedom for the People. It is through committed activism (whether in the system or outside of it) is the Force that is needed to create real change in our World.

A prime example of this is the work Ian and Mark have been doing in New Hampshire, particularly Portsmouth and Keene. In these two towns, a Crypto-Anarchist has the luxury of making nearly all of his daily and monthly purchases directly with Cryptocurrency.

That's right! If you live in, or re-locate to Keene, New Hampshire you can wake up in the morning, grab a Smoothie, get your oil changed, get a fresh haircut, buy some house plants and even pick up a nice fat Bong from the Local Headshop, and pay for ALL OF IT WITH CRYPTO!

Ian, Mark, and hundreds of other activists in the New Hampshire Area have worked tirelessly to make this a reality. Between having a serious effect on the State and how it manipulates the public-

To creating a culture and community that understands the value and importance of Cryptocurrency and exiting the US Federal Reserve Monetary System , which Ron Paul explains is the sinister arm that finances ALL of institutions that hold us back from a truly Free World -

Free Talk Live is a powerful ally to all of humanity and thanks to them, the current State of Anarchy in New Hampshire is thriving!!!

Instagram: @thestateofanarchy

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