Steemians of Anarchapulco #20 - @johnnyhurley of @wearechange-co (Gifting 100% of SBD)

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About 20 minutes before we roll out for @anarchaforko, and I just wanted to drop off another interview for y'all to check out! I'm excited to be getting a LOT more interviews to wrap this series up, and I've now got a few zoom calls lined up as well. I'll also be getting plenty of video of the fork itself :-)

| ▶️ DTube | ▶️ IPFS |

This interview is with my wonderful brother @johnnyhurley (also known as Johnny Verbal), one of the pillars of @wearechange-co, a beautiful soul, an amazing beat-boxer, and one of my favorite people to have philosophical dialogues with!

@johnnyhurley finally got the Steemit fire really lit under his ass this week at Anarchapulco, after getting interviews with some of his biggest heroes! Please give him, and WRCC a follow, so you don't miss any of his insights.

Because @johnnyhurley (like @sovereignalien, @careywedler, @juxley, @sarahkl, and @truniversal) has not reached 1 MVest yet, I will be converting all of the SBD rewards from this post to STEEM, and powering it up in his account :-)

Steemians of Anarchapulco

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| #4 - @catherinebleish | #5 - @dannyshine | #6 - @sashadaygame |
| #7 - @lesliestarrohara | #8 - @erikaharris | #9 - @encryptdcouple |
| #10 - @lukestokes | #11 - @jamesc | #12 - @dbroze |
| #13 - @careywedler | #14 - @juxley | #15 - @maceytomlin |
| #16 - @truniversal | #17 - @terrybrock | #18 - @sarahkl |
| #19 - @sterlinluxan | #20 - @johnnyhurley | #21 - @broncnutz |
| #22 - @bruceb | #23 - @juansgalt | #24 - @nitego |
| #25 - @colinhoward | #26 - @dannyquest | #27 - @lily-da-vine |
| #28 - @uoslavery | #29 - @elamental | #30 - @emancipatedhuman |
| #31 - @mwolfe13 | #32 - @scottiemac | #33 - @tylerdav |

Coming down to Anarchaforko or the SteemFestFork? I would be quite grateful if you used my affiliate link:



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Where can I get info on Anarchaforko?
How is it so far?


Maybe you should check if they have a discord Chanel.


Do they have a steem account?

I would love to land down in Anarchapulco.

I wonder if the women are as beautiful as the scenery 😍❔


You can only imagine :P

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hello, nice to know you, it was a nice post to share with we steemians

Persona especial.......

Good post

experience and good knowledge are systematically unraveled, we are very happy and thank you very much

Buen post. Que chevere conocer a personas maravillosas.

Damn Jonny seems like a chill person to hang out with. It's sad that you're ending this series. I hope you can bring it back in the future. Been loving it till this video. Keep up the good work.

Good luck brother

Nice one buddy. Keep it up.

very nice post.. good travels.. thanks for your sharing..

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Wooow... This is impressive and motivation. Thanks for sharing buddy. would not mind visiting there someday

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I would love to land down in Anarchapulco.I wonder if the women are as beautiful as the scenery

Such a true message. Such a wonderful group of people can't wait to go 💯🐒

thabnk you friend

god post, brother


Today's password is: Synergy.

Make it happen in CO, men!

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meeting a successful person would be very exciting

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I feel a lot of your posts, the post is that

The potential synergy that could transpire between KennysKitchen and WeAreChangeCO in 2018, could literally restructure the nature of Anarchopulco and AnarchoForko in 2019, if worked. Focus on Costilla Co.... The escape from a 5G life they have planned for the sheople. Build it, and they will come... Anarchopulco is proving that. Imagine what would happen if this concept floated 52 weeks a year at home where the First, Second, Ninth and Tenth Amendment bedrocks the Law of the Land... Let's take over San Luis, CO. Like you said: Start out small.

Kenny's K. Great series of vids. Has to the be the next best thing to actually being there to get a feel for what the event affords. I am glad you became an integral part of AnarchoForko, as well.

Thanks a lot fellas!!