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Well, today was the last day of @anarchaforko, and I have to say, it came together into quite the amazing weekend! There were plenty of hiccups along the way, and after 2 full weeks of non-stop anarchy conference, I am exhausted. Luckily, I got 8 interviews today, as well as recording the full-time Steemian panel I did with @erikaharris & @lily-da-vine, so I have plenty of content for you folks this week (as well as at least one new episode of "Kenny's 2 minute Steemit Tips", and a write-up of both events! Plus, since I'll be around the casa more, I can actually get to responding to all the comments I've been getting :-)

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(Sorry for those buzzing sounds in parts of it, @juansgalt was flying a drone around us during part of the video... and obviously there was that video-bomb by @sashadaygame too)

This interview is with @colinhoward, someone who I've been interacting with on Steemit for many months, but only met in the physical world this weekend at the Fork. Thanks to the promoting I've done for @wearechange-co here on Steemit, he came out to one of our recent Open Mic Nights, and has already started connecting with my community!

@colinhoward was one of the folks to win the @smartcash contest for a trip to @anarchaforko, and I'm so grateful we got the chance to really connect. Colin is a rather broad-spectrum content creator, like myself, covering a variety of things like personal development, philosophy, cryptos, life in Colorado, and much more.

Steemians of Anarchapulco

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| #4 - @catherinebleish | #5 - @dannyshine | #6 - @sashadaygame |
| #7 - @lesliestarrohara | #8 - @erikaharris | #9 - @encryptdcouple |
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| #25 - @colinhoward | #26 - @dannyquest | #27 - @lily-da-vine |
| #28 - @uoslavery | #29 - @elamental | #30 - @emancipatedhuman |
| #31 - @mwolfe13 | #32 - @scottiemac | #33 - @tylerdav |
|#34 - @dollarvigilante |

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The final question asked in the interview: >>> What is one thing that peace, freedom-loving humans can do in their daily lives to help move the world in that direction?<<<
is THE most important one I've heard in a long time. And since AnarchoLibertarians aren't burdened down with the time and money cost of the democratic process required by ballot box contests, it becomes a very simple one to answer... BUT earth changing if people would make a commitment of _____ minutes (or hours) per day, 6 days a week. Do it "your way", but in harmony with Steemiteers in Liberty.

  1. Organize in the vision Derrick Broze has in his "communitarian" free market economy. But focus your efforts towards a location in your state which becomes a target for a Free County Project. ...whereas the first step is to attain real estate together, and PRODUCE NON-GMO FOOD.
  2. Spread Adam Kokesh's "Freedom!" book and audio file to anyone who will be willing to at least give you to the 8:05 mark, and then email you an appraisal (to open up dialogue)

So, it's actually two things, but in reality, tied at the hip together. They become interdependent.... and synergistic in effect. Separately? "meh."... Together? POWERFUL as Americans begin to SEE (and soon, taste), the pragmatic application of a distinctly explained ideology.

Let's go, millenials. It's your nation now! Do something fun with it. And don't let the Dems and GOP get in your way!

Small things go a long way - love it 👏🏻

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