Steemians of Anarchapulco #38 - @geliquasjourney (Gifting 100% of SBD)

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Bringing this series to a close very soon, along with posting the final piece of the "Steem Your Way to Success" panel today... and I've already got 3 new "Kenny's 2 minute Steemit Tips" lined up, just started a huge giveaway to help fund conscious music via Steemit... Oh, and starting Friday morning I'll be going dark for more than 2 weeks to focus on self-work.

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This interview is with @geliquasjourney, a brand-new Steemian, who is here to share with us all sorts of tips & tricks for mindful living, her delicious vegan recipes, beautiful photography, and the tales of her journey through life.

@geliquasjourney is a powerful, magical, hard-working, wildly entertaining woman. Any of you who were at #Anarchapulco will recognize her from Verde Vegan, where she was helping hold things together, as well as likely from the truffles she was selling at the conference.

Because @geliquasjourney (like @sovereignalien, @careywedler, @juxley, @sarahkl, @truniversal, @johnnyhurley, @bruceb, @nitego, @dannyquest, @uoslavery, @elamental, @mwolfe13, and @thepatrick) has not reached 1 MVest yet, I will be converting all of the SBD rewards from this post to STEEM, and powering it up in her account :-)

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I wish I could've made it down there! Maybe next year!

Hey very thank your post very like very good in day all very happy my give saw [email protected]

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I'm getting in touch with my spiritual side, this one is actually ANGRY all of the time, well how do you confront such an emotional beast and if you approach it the wrong way will it make it worse. It's something I'm working on really I think I'll find a way to come to a peace one day, I see nature is beautiful and I see life is fulfilling but something is fueling a fire, it's passionate but resentful, it's creative but hateful, it's observant but disruptive. This is just the beginning of a journey I think but sorry for rambling on and on and I appreciate your DTube video and interview my man.

Hey Kenny, the more I watch your videos the more I feel like I was blessed to run into you in Anarchapulco. I love your calm style and the love you radiate. I would love to talk with you again soon, maybe via Skype or so. I am so involved with Steem I want to keep my new friends from the life changing event in Acapulco as close as possible. :)

amazing travel anarrchy dtube post thanks for shearing

@kennyskitchen thanks for introducing @geliquasjourney to us. Just finished reading one of her post about "Are you being baked or kissed by the sun". Thanks for sharing and keep up the great job.

Very good article, I look forward to the next👍

what is the purpose here?24909889_219586358590642_7759914147593406610_n.jpg

Thanks for information @kennyskitchen


Loving your content! Keep it up

Very nice work i like it live you long young men


keep striving to be the best and thank you for your post


Cool tips. I guess I could use some of that. Thanks for sharing the video @kennyskitchen.

Plis vote me.
I like you

This is amazing work you're doing. I hope one day I get featured.

Hey thanks @kennyskitchen, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

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Will they ever release the content of the conferences?
Thanks and gj!

This sounds incredibly amazing, I just wish to grab more SP so I can help some of my followers who I believe deserve more feedback! I wanted to go to Anarchapulco so badly... :(

Those birds wanted to have their say in the video too! Good to hear some humble views from @geliquasjourney and her compliments to you, which she got spot on. We love your calm and well-nature personality that shine in your interviews and probably in real person.
Going dark for two weeks on Friday?! You'll be sorrily missed, but we know you'll come back with more greatness!

Chickens are everywhere!

Good post Nice

You really are very good at dtubing, it is a good video filled up with tips that will make me succeed in this community if I am serious enough

I hope I can make it next year!!