Steemians of Anarchapulco/Anarchaforko #29 - @elamental (Gifting 100% of SBD)

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I feel SOOOO good after two days of (what I consider) doing nothing. I put that little bit in parentheses, because everyone else at the house laughs when I tell them I've been just relaxing and not really doing anything, when in reality that equates to cooking multiple meals, doing a bunch of STEEMing, and spending a few hours helping my friend @geliquasjourney get her account up & running (her intro will be up tomorrow, be sure to follow her so you don't miss it)

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This interview is with my brother @elamental: a wire wrapper, MC, crypto-enthusiast, and cannabis farmer. We've known each other for just over 4 years now, since the first protest that @alchemage and I met up at, and went back to the house where the two of them lived to smoke some ganja :-)

I am so grateful that @elamental, and his partner @hempress came down to #Anarchapulco for their first time this year, and stayed here at La Casa Creativa with me for the entire month of February. In case you aren't following him yet, you'll find a TON of music (including originals for the Steemit Rap Challenge), a tour of our house, his wire-wrapping, and great info about cryptos and silver

Because @elamental (like @sovereignalien, @careywedler, @juxley, @sarahkl, @truniversal, @johnnyhurley, @bruceb, @nitego, @dannyquest, @uoslavery) has not reached 1 MVest yet, I will be converting all of the SBD rewards from this post to STEEM, and powering it up in his account :-)

Steemians of Anarchapulco

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|#34 - @dollarvigilante |



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Glad to see this video. a very interesting interview to see. themes and excellent collaboration. keep improving. Go on @kennyskitchen :)

stories that are very entertaining to the readers, very good friendship, may you both continue success and friendship that you live forever good, I beg the prayer from both of you so that i can become like you someday


Be like us now. Don't hope, do. Blessings.

Wow that was an awesome interview. Thank you brother. We all very much appreciate everything you are doing for us. Keep up the conscious collaboration! I will as well.


Thanks for doing it brother, hopefully this will get you some new followers :-)


It has already, we will do an update interview sometime in the next few months. Getting ready to interview you now.

Very cool.. interesting conversation

gotta love the way you are working a "movement" from the bottom-up by building community... not waiting for a guru or savior; overcoming the problem of a "cult of personality". Good to see some millenials stepping up their game.


Thanks! I'm all about sharing my platform with as many as I can; a big part of what I love about Steemit is that it, like the world I envision, is a place where empowering others is inherently empowering of self!


I still contend the only thing the anarchos are missing is a nice piece of farm land to produce non-GMO food without licensure; without state regulators coming on private property where we are exercising our Right to Contract. The world of "constitutionalists" "minarchists" "patriots" "Deplorables", etc. need to SEE how those who believe we can do it with NO government can actually defend itself from outside attack from barbaric government conglomerations. ... and of course, in CO I assume you can grow all the cannibis you want, too. Yes?

I mean, you don't think the socialist/fascist front in America will leave you alone, do you? Even the Amish are being attacked now.

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