nice awaiting some reviews of speakers after their acts

Lots more f peeps here! Wish you could have made it.

that place looks really beautiful and amazing. and that's only the hotel you are staying in,we can expect many more exciting places and things from your videos to come then. the hotel looks really good ,your camera looks ready for everything and then people seem friendly. thanks for sharing this and looking forward to more.

Enjoy the trip man!

Thanks brother....wish you was here to meet you.

It will happen one day man!


Enjoy yourself @broncnutz , and don’t spend too much time editing and posting video. Just soak in all the goodness Mexico gotta offer. Can always post when you are back to Denver. Just hang loose and enjoy the rid, whilst all of us mere mortals, Shovel it. know I gotta do how I do here on Steemit. I like to make the videos fun to watch

"Hotter than donut grease" I might have to borrow that :) Looks amazing, have fun!!

Sweet hotel! Not too shabby at all.
No matter where you are or where you go, keeping us updated @broncnutz ;) that's great and shows a lot of love to the community.
Enjoy your time out there. Hit up some dives, soak up all the sun (until Anarchapulco looks like Colorado Springs at the moment 😜) hahaha and take some 'me' time too!


Yes...somebody said..'shoveling'

Thank you for posting @broncnutz.

We did not have the opportunity to hear all you were saying......but there is no doubt you are having a good time.

Wishing you and the cryptocouple all the best.


Haha! Man you trip me out sometimes... too funny. Well done vid too! Liked the intro and the show of the hotel. Beach looked great even though it was hotter than doughnut grease haha! The tunes did it some justice too! No brother you can't pheasant hunt on the beach! Oh I'd love to have seen your Dad's face haha!That was good brother. Nice and well played. Enjoyed.

I shot six pheasants today! Not coming home...

lol, my friends it`s wonderfl that place. I would not sleep in such a spectacular place. Everything looks incredible, from the bed to the footprints in the sand. At seven in the evening, your friends were happier. I hope to know Mexico, enjoy the most, be careful with the waves.

Great to see you in such a cool place. Enjoy it! Is Lefty minding the shop?

Lefty is breaking down the PGA golf season....

Man you trip me out here and there... excessively clever. Well done vid as well! Loved the introduction and the show of the inn. Shoreline looked awesome despite the fact that it was more blazing than donut oil haha! The tunes did it some equity as well

Thanks for watching cuz! I'll keep em coming

it great to see you again and this time you are in anarchapulco, you are working hard!

Everything looks unfathomable, from the bed to the impressions in the sand. At seven at night, your companions were more joyful. I plan to know Mexico, appreciate the most, be watchful with the waves.

Have a good time @broncnutz , and don't invest excessively energy altering and posting video. Simply absorb all the decency Mexico gotta offer.

WOOT WOOT!!!! Sweet looking respite man!!! Love seeing you walking with that beverage in your hand.. all inclusive means all day long!!!!! The beach and surroundings look top notch!! You’re gonna have an amazing time there hob nobbing with all the peeps... have a blast!! Can’t wait to follow your good times and see what trouble you can get yourself into!!! You know what they say.. there ain’t no snow in Mexico!!! Boooya!!!!

You lucky bastard. I'm shoveling. Every F day.


Hey what's up ..It's your man OG broncnutz ...
Colorado had it today
The juice, the sauce the raw sauce
@broncnutz that's a nice place to cool off after the long hours of the road.

Hotter than donut grease! Enjoy!!

Dripping grease here!

Hotter than donut grease!

Get some sleep and have a blast man! Love the guided tour.


Very nice video , keep posting

yes, nice video, thanks

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nice place and natural beauty in a video @broncnutz .thanks for sharing.

Yes,we are shoveling at haha the hotel looks sooo fancy and the beach wow. I have never been to a beach or seen the ocean cause my country is a landlocked ones and I’d sure want to go there one day.
The atmosphere looks warm and welcoming and go pro is waterproof haha the music in the background is lit haha humble-kendrick lamar. Enjoy your stay and keep making videos of the places you visit and the awesome people you meet and show it to us.thanks for sharing.have a fantastic stay.

excellent video,enjoy this times
thanks for great share

what a place and those views wow seems like quite windy but awesome weather just enjoy the drinks relax chillax

Woah, mexico looks beautiful. I would've been there if it wasn't for school. I should've just skipped class for this :(

Just wow you seem to be enjoying every bit of this journey bro will not disturb you much but keep sharing :)

it good to see you again and this time you are in anarchapulco, you are working very hard!

It's pretty cold here, I can't say I would mind being in Mexico right about now.

Damn, that balcony view probably beats the hell out of Denver right now lol. The hotel looks pretty sick. Thought you might be sporting one of your Broncos jerseys while you were filming???

I got a lil something....don't you worry cuz...

Ha ha the full tour... what a great place... no shoveling!

Suckas shoveling haha! Looks like a great time! Pheasant tracks, we ain't ever seen Broncnutz again in CO :)

Get some sleep bronc, say hi to the dollar vigilante for me.

Your voice can't be heard during the time the music was playing. Was it supposed to be like that?

Wonderful place though :)


Hey I rather have a firm bed than a soft one honestly. Looks hot as hell down there for sure. Awesome throwing Kendrick in there too lol.

Glad to see you made it, I bet you will have a lot fun. Thanks for sharing the journey it looks amazing. I spent half my life living in Southern California and I never stepped foot in Mexico. Glad I don't have to shovel in the winter anymore...I remember having to dig out our mailbox so we got mail. Hope you have a great time and looking forward to more of the Bronc Nutz perspective of the area and the event.

You made it :D no sleep at all all looks like you are tired but you got the energy time to break the bed lol :D

Awesome place anarchapulco is and a nice hotel room to enjoy relax thanks for showing us around have a great day :)

Finally oh, the hotel is lovely, wishing you guys success. Nice video as usual.

LOOKING Cool. hope you will be fine.
i think u are in travel. @broncnutz

w00wwww this is outing time. Sir enjoy alot and share these kind beautiful places with us. we will enjoy it from here. stay blessed​ have a great trip.

Looks like a blast so far! Hope you were able to get a few hours of rest. Tell Kelly I said Hi.

I was feeling sad that I was not at Anarchapulco but this video really cheered me up. Thanks Broncnutz! Resteemed to my 6900 fellow shovelers.

Nice place , nice video sir .
Have a nice day ,keep posting

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have a good day..

Oh it looks cool.
I love traveling and meeting new people. It is on my bucket list to make at least one friend from every country I visit.

these vlogs are going to be fire from that place interesting from the day 1 i am feeling the energy yo man

Thanks for the your! Well done and have a blast!

you are definitely having the great time there all the stress gone after visiting the streets wonderful video

this place is love wow you showed the best things there vlogging life rocks just like broncnutz

this seems to be fun first day is epic lots of adventure are going to be there can't wait :)

Have an awesome trip and keep sharing loads of new things great start for the vlogging :)

Enjoy your time at Anarchapulco man! Looks like a nice vacation! Keep us updated @broncnutz !

Hi, great post, worth a follow. Looking forward to some more of your stuff.

interesting times ahead already many new friends are there :)

Very nice vidio😊

please vote me brother

Wow very good video sir. try to love work. good Luke.
Thanks @broncnutz
Have great day.

enjoy your trip mahn..
get the best out of it and a lots of memories for your future
god bless you
take care of yourself @broncnutz

Enjoy u r self lovely friend. Nice looking person.

Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck

wow......nice video. I watching this video very much. thanks for sharing.

Interesting place...

You're looking quite travel pro! Super pro! With better style! Enjoy not shoveling!

Warm regards,
please voteback ..

Thanks for showing usherette you’re calling homeboy for the next week or 2 looks great. Nice to see your 303 representing. Ain’t no such thing as half way crooks!

teşekkürler iyi şanslar

i wish i was there!!!!! enjoy the trip!!! and keep on the good work!!!!

"Hotter than damn donut grease" :'D

Enjoy your time there! The hotel and surroundings look impressive. Keep us posted with any exciting news or things that you learn about whilst you're down there.

wow....Great video...Enjoy your trip Sir. thank you so much for sharing.

great trip sir.thanks for sharing