Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: One Day Left, Get Yours!

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Today (February 1st) is the last day to get your half priced ticket! All you need to do is reserve a hotel room through this link or then contact us at [email protected] for your unique coupon code.

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Lily are you ok????
Please tell me I heard wrong about John.
Can I help?

My heart is broken about the recent news!!!! Please don't give up and continue what you do. And please keep us updated!

Just heard! I'm so sorry! May you have friends and the support of the steemian community.

You are in my prayers!

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lily i am so sorry for your loss! I hope you are ok at this time, stay safe!

Very sorry to hear the news Lily, just read the article and recognized the two of you. If you need anything let the rest of us know.

So sorry to hear about John. He was a good man. Take care of yourself.

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