Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: @erikaharris' Terpine Rich Workshop and Other Second Fork Day Photos and Thoughts

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Imagine my surprise and fear the second day of the fork when I walked up to the front of the venue, late and by myself having taken a taxi, to see police flooding in. I stopped and literally turned around and the security guard told me it was a different event. As I got closer I saw that there were pedestrians as well and found out that it was flag day once inside the fork venue. Heart attack averted. Barely.

It'd be our luck to have a police themed event essentially on the grounds of the same property the fork was on, it only lasted a few hours though.

For some reason the air conditioning was extra cold the second day and it honestly drove most people out of the venue for much of the day. This was one of many discussions that happened outside even though there were plans to do things inside.

A shot of Kenny explaining what he feels is a core necessary attribute to any community, conflict management to the Stateless documentary crew. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it before now but the fork was fully covered by the Stateless documentary film crew that is seemingly about those who choose to move to Acapulco and live stateless.

A bit of an abrasive sign that drew the interest of the people who worked at the venue, they seemed to like the materials on the table though!

One convention center employee in particular was spotted studying these signs and materials for quite awhile during the conference. I think it's safe to say he's on the road to anarchy.

@erikaharris gave a talk that she describes better than me, here. It was interactive and multisensory and a great example of the sort of stuff we hoped to see at the fork.

@erikaharris' talk was one of the favorites of many that day and we're glad she did it. We're looking forward to seeing what she and other folks have to offer next year at the fork!

Stay tuned, I've still got a lot more to share about this!

Thank you to everyone who supported the fork from @smartcash to those who purchased tickets it was a blast!

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@lily-da-vine, deep thanks to you and John for making space that anarchists could fill with whatever we liked!

It was interesting to see the effect that so much wide open freedom had on people. It seemed to really expose how accustomed many of us still are to having things done for us... and being told the experience we will have.

Now that we all better understand what is possible -- in that venue, and in US -- next year will be FIRE.

And this year was an amazing light! Big, boatloads of love and respect to you, both. <3

Resteemed and upvoted 100%.

That is an awesome way of putting things, I may steal this comment for a future post!

nice blog, but are police against the event, don't understand why you were afraid but anyways i guess everything went fine that day, the photos prove that though.

When you spend more than three months working on something and many thousands of dollars, it's natural to be at least a little scared.

lol, sure that is needed, i understand that ☺

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote....///

Hoorayy... free the world. I wish I could joined the 2019 fork.

if we got a free ticket 🎫, it would be Lovely

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