Steemians of Anarchapulco/Anarchaforko #24 - @nitego (Gifting 100% of SBD)

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Good morning beautiful humans! Today is another glorious day here in Acapulco, and I'm so excited to head over to the bay for the final day of @anarchaforko: the Steemfest Fork! Among all the amazing events going on today, I will be doing a "Steem Your Way to Success" panel with @erikaharris & @lily-da-vine, as well as holding a Steemit Open Mic Recording Session! I'm so excited to see it all unfold, and to share it with you! (and to get another 8 interviews or so today haha)

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This interview is with @nitego, another amazing human I had never met until this weekend, and another winner of the @smartcash contest for a trip to @anarchaforko! @nitego is an up & coming crypto enthusiast, a photographer, a mother, and a bright light in the world. I'm so grateful to the @smartcash team for getting her out here to connect with all of these amazing people, and introducing her to the wide world of the liberty movement!

This was our first opportunity to really talk, and after the interview we went on and on for quite some time (sort of wish I had recorded that too). It's always so refreshing to talk with someone who so fully understands & lives the concepts of absolute abundance, not falling for the illusion of scarcity that the powers-that-wish-they-were have cast on people. Please hop over to her blog and give her a follow, let's see if this video can push her over 500!

Because @nitego (like @sovereignalien, @careywedler, @juxley, @sarahkl, @truniversal, @johnnyhurley, and @bruceb) has not reached 1 MVest yet, I will be converting all of the SBD rewards from this post to STEEM, and powering it up in her account :-)

Steemians of Anarchapulco

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| #19 - @sterlinluxan | #20 - @johnnyhurley | #21 - @broncnutz |
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| #25 - @colinhoward | #26 - @dannyquest | #27 - @lily-da-vine |
| #28 - @uoslavery | #29 - @elamental | #30 - @emancipatedhuman |
| #31 - @mwolfe13 |

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Role model

Spot on. Its not very often you meet people who practice what they preach. I am most certainly motivated to actively do the same.

Thanks Kenny. It was really great speaking with you.

awww yay what a lovely interview with @nitego nice to put a face to a name :)


So cool to see all the Archoopulco post. My goal is to attend next year. Thanks for sharing your experiences and introducing other attendees.

looks good guys!!!!

god bless you.images-14.jpg

You made an amazing post ! Upvoted ffollowed you.rom @antobrampu. I

Woooow i like this post

Anarchopulco... and now AnarchoForko have done more for World Peace and Freedom in 4 years than the UN has done since their advent through the League of Nations 100 years ago. What happens when the population of the globe comes to know about this movement? Abundance is hard to ignore.

Amazing travel guys...good a day all