The Coindesk article...a message to @ned.

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As much as I appreciate the mention, this article was not a positive for Steem.

@ned and team,

It's time to get your shit together. We don't Steem to be the highlight of more articles about unreliable blockchains. I realize my criticism isn't always appreciated and my tactics definitely aren't, however, my message is generally pretty spot on. Take it or leave it. I hope you all see this as a call to action. It's time to step up your game.

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Also, they called you an institution!

Pretty legit sign you've made it

Maybe is better for who is negative in Steemit to go out from here and go to UUNIO or such same shit if they think here is a bad place!

we need some positive much as you throw some hate around I can see you genuinely care about the success of the steem blockchain

Wow.. They NEVER cover Steemit! So when we have a few hours of downtime we get headline news?? I guess this whole time sites like these knew EXACTLY what Steem/Steemit was and have been choosing not to cover the "good news" about Steem all these years. Seems like they are intentionally trying to bring Steemit down.. We must be a threat. 😎


We only handle the most blockchain transactions DAILY without any congestion.. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are constantly congested with less than half the transactions!

I didn't see that ever mentioned.. 🤔


STEEM-SUPERIORITY gas gauge-okc.gif
Tell Me About It!
We're #1 in fact, so IMO getting on more exchanges would be a great help. Plenty we can do to help ourselves, that is why I got into the Witnessing end of this ;)


I just love these stats. Every time I see them I just break out in a smile. :)


OK, those are all "Open-Sourced" and the first 2 are produced by @overkillcoin, the third one was someone else... OKC just wants a mention if you use his!


This is a great article! lol.

We were deprived of Bernie!

Thanks for sharing.


wasssup, @whatsup? ;)

It's almost as if the fanboys have been wrong, and should apologize for ridiculing us critics.

You are right dear @berniesanders I appreciate the mention, this article was not a positive for steem.

Bernie Sanders is an institution 😉😉😉
Great mentioning.. and true to the point of criticism..

Great article @berniesanders! I read the Coindesk Article when it came out and was surprised, it sounded so negative, great to set the record straight here!

Good point. I'm think you're right about it.

When I read the coindesk article, I had a feeling they haven't read the whitepaper ( especially the steem dollar part). All of the points comes from people with little or no knowledge of how steem works.

You are right. Keep it up your work. Thanks for sharing. I like.

As always useful info. Congrats on getting a mention on the article. Thanks for share @berniesanders

and @NED, you did NOT do your homework before delegating to the yellow wannabe ninja suckers. peelive12.jpg

Maximum disgust here below !

@berniesanders is a best platform who provide amusement, information, such serious matter, contest , positive articles for steem everything thing...

Steem is not the only currency that doesn’t ask people for money. There are others where you can change your intellectual property for cryptocurrency, like Artbyte.
But I agree that the skeptics do not know about scalability issues, by the way I loved the observation of the circular logic, nice to read.

I agree with the general sentiment that with as big of a war chest Steemit Inc has they should be able to hire the very best people and enough of them. However, the very soon upcoming hardfork will be the 20th one on Steem. The tone of the article is a bit too negative IMO. I'm basically optimistic about the future of Steem despite the problems we've had. Why? Because Bitcoin, Ethereum and other PoW chains touted in the article are nowhere near providing solutions to the scalability problem. If it really is that case that real-world adoption is what will make or break a blockchain in the next few years, Steem is better positioned than Ethereum. Transitioning into PoS will not be a walk in the park for Ethereum, that's for sure. Anyway, it's valuable that influential people call attention to the problems Steem has.

By the way, there is some value in these posts, too. Few whales dole out upvotes to such large numbers of smaller accounts like @berniesanders does here. Beats the shit out of vote selling.

I stopped following Coindesk and just getting news mostly from other source. A lot of traders are actually betting on this Consesus happening to light up a bullrun. So that may not happen anymore.

Ned the founder and CEO of steemit.

Ned couldn't program himself to hello world.

@ned, remember that time before that guy left and he said that they were working on a flagging system apart from curation? Yeah, me neither.

You are the #boss on steemit.
Thanks for sharing. #berniesanders

Your criticism has value. I think steem will go up soon.

I just read the article and agree with you. Time to step up the game. But what caused apps to go down? I just got to work so I cant research it.

Na true talk be this ! We need an urgent upgrade and step up in this platform. Lets the truth be told

It's become hard to find truly positive and inspiring things about Steemit for the past year+. Hardfork after hardfork never solved anything, just reshuffled how things work. There are better option on the rise.

Uh oh... I just got muted by a ton of people and lost votes. >< wahhh....

I am curious to know about this article, so thank you very much for keeping the community informed.

What do you think is the best course of action for the blockchain @berniesanders. Better witnesses at the top possibly?

But come on!
One month one week some days of testing the new version should be enough!

Stinc seriously needs some service management.

I couldn't read the whole thing. It was so painful. All we can do is march on. Congrats on getting a mention on the article.

Right on! Way over my head. But? Yeah it's scary when steeming goes wrong. Or down.

Hope we can get that bug ironed out!

Mad love! And appreciate everything you have done to help @powpow420 as its been well deserved.

Busy moving him and his family today. But had to say thanks!


The latest HF20 induced "outage" was relatively minor, if said witness was Prepared. Part of our relative ease of getting back in was likely from our lofty "TOP 100(+)" status, but @sapphic was "Loaded for Bear" and had very minimal downtime. She had us up and running ASAP when the Top 20 decided to run 19.12 to get the chain back up, and was right with them when they set 20.2 to work. Much of our problems here on Steem were due to a large number of witnesses doing their own thing?
I was informed that the main problem between the 2 versions was the 12 hour voting lockout (in place since HF17) was conflicting with the 12 SECOND lockout of HF20. Testnet did not find this conflict I guess, and even the Steem Blockchain "tolerated" it for a while, even as low as our witness was in the standings, we successfully did 2 blocks, running 0.20.0 before the system had enough!

So like your letter says, it all falls back on Ned and Team, primarily. But we as Witnesses should be fully prepped for anything. @SAPPHIC -Witness was up and running faster and sooner than most of the Top20. Partly because of lesser equipment to reset, admittedly :D

#learntoacceptcriticism is a great tag, and Steem Inc. should be open to feedback from the Witness Brigade, but the other side of that coin is we as witnesses should be up to the task of not only producing blocks and all that entails, but capable of helping guide and mold our future-finished product.

Don't ever change, Bernie. I admire the "cut to the chase" NO BS style, even if it is sometimes a slap in the face to get our attention.

Wise Tomato🍅 for President!😉


Gosh I always thought he's a strawberry, lol


Ahahah🤣😅 I think it's due to the Tomato Papers. Bernie played a role in Immokalee, a farming community in Collier County in a fight by tomato pickers for better treatment🍅🍅🍅🍅


I see, wow you're a real Bernie fan!

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Peps with pen keep scribbling ther head out... n forget the very purpose halfway...
When someone is not able to do you are serving in steemit, they do this shit...

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This is the first time I see @berniesanders posted more than 3 sentences in his post.

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It's time, otherwise STEEM bogged down.

i know that hf20 may help the steemit overall but i think there issues that need to be solved first and then continue with some "new ideas". We need to set some base structure first.

What i am talking about is solving things like the old interface, the rewards for the old posts (or at least a way that don't say that our older post don't worth shit now),* easier user engagement ,fixing the abuse issues** and finally what the link was about!

if we manage to solve these issues then i think we can go a step further away cause now it's like we add new things while more and more issues keep rise up and in the end we gonna have a bucket full of problems

Lemme read the article

He doesnt understand marketing... or make the paltform more userfriendly..