The end of the "Big Apple"

in #america3 years ago

It has been Prophesied...
It has been printed on our Money...
It has been subliminally programmed into our heads...
Those who don't repent, and those who ignore God's warnings will be destroyed.

"God will draw the wicked to the big cities like he called the animals to the ark"

subliminal programming..
"Escape from New York" (1981)
"Ghost busters" (1984)
"Avengers" - (2012) all Marvel comics allude to New York being destroyed
"Independence Day" (1996)
"Armageddon" (1998)
"Godzilla" (1998)
"The Watchmen" (2009)
"Deep Impact" (1998)
"Day after tomorrow" (2004)
"knowing" (2009)
"AI" (2001)
"The Day the Earth Stood Still" (2008)
"Transformers" (2007)
"The Dark knight Rises" (2012)
"Clover Field" (2008)
"Doctor Strange" (2016)
"San Andreas" (2015)
"Pixels" (2010)
"Matrix revolutions" (2003)
"When world's collide" (1951)


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