The Aquatic Treasure - Acuario Mazatlan

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The Gulf of California is already considered the natural aquarium of the world because of the great variety of species that inhabit it so you cannot miss The Mazatlán Aquarium, the largest oceanic aquarium in Latin America, a place where you can enjoy shows like the diving show, sea lions and exotic birds, as well as the famous swimming with sharks or sea lions to feed them while you are inside an acrylic capsule and for those not so extreme there are also programs such as turtle conservation, rehabilitation of injured animals, among others.

The Aquarium was founded in 1980, and it is the lone aquarium in the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The aquarium has 52 tanks containing sharks, eels, seahorses, lobsters and more than 250 saltwater and freshwater species from around the world. The Aquarium has enough to provide entertainment for an entire family. This aquarium draws visitors from all over Mexico City with over 5000 people visiting the place in a single day on an average. With the sea life exhibits, this places another famous Pearl of the Tourist attraction - an adjoining botanical garden and aviary.

This is a nice place for the visitors to cool off after the hectic sightseeing and take a break. The visitors can enjoy the bird shows that are staged there. The aquarium also teaches a lot about aquatic wildlife, and most of the schools bring their students here to enlighten them about these marine lifestyles. The aquarium on an average host around 20,000 school students in a year and it is also considered one of the best aquatic teaching venue. The ticket for Acuario Mazatlán provides you the access of all the shows that are staged in a day. In one day, there are three sea lion shows, three diving shows, two bird shows, and two birds of prey shows. The ticket also gives you admission into the sea museum and the botanical garden. The aquarium is also home to various exotic birds in this region.

The back-garden area surprises the visitors with a walk through the aviaries pelicans, toucans and the exotic birds which roam independently and with freedom. Therefore, this aquarium is a mixture of both entertainment and education, and it provides knowledge regarding the conservation of the sea and its wildlife. It is recommended to visit this aquarium to experience the amazing aquatic wildlife experience and to educate yourself on how to preserve it.

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