Armed house in Matamoros

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Have you ever been to Mexico? It is really something different, a whole new world, with a specific culture, people, from food to music, it is really amazing.
So, if you want to see something new, Mexico is the right place for you. Planning you vocation/trip can be really boring and exhausting, but don’t worry, your destination is Mexico, and you are going a little northeast, visiting a city called Matamoros and having a lot of fun. So, one problem less.
If you are wondering what does Matamoros has to offer as a city to you as a tourist… well, also don’t worry this city has so much to offer and you will enjoy every single day you spend in Matamoros.
In the street Calle Santos Degollado Esq., there is a museum that you have to visit. It is a unique attraction in this beautiful city, the Museo Casamata.
You will find it very interesting.
Casamata comes from a Latin house armata, and the meaning of the word is “armed house,” and it was used for military use, for ammunition, weapons, basic military items and
the fort was used as a defense of Matamoros in the 19th century.
As you can see, it is really something worth a visit.

The construction began back in 1845, it took a lot of time to be finished, around 30 years, but don’t forget it was a defense device in the 19th century, and later on, it was used as barracks, family dwelling, tannery, etc. But in 1970 it was opened as a museum. It was remodeled twice after it was opened as a museum,
but you will see it all when you visit the museum.
The important thing about the museum is that in 1986 it was registered in the National Catalog of Historical Monuments of INAH (for all of you that don’t know,
it is in charge of the conservation and restoration of historical and artistic monuments of the Republic).
You will have an opportunity to get to know the historical events that had an impact on the development of the northern area of the state of Tamaulipas, in which Matamoros is located,
you will see photographs, documents, objects and also you will see a collection of pre-Hispanic pieces and musical instruments which are typical of the Huasteca region.
Also, there are a couple of arts from famous people such as Don Benito Juarez and Francisco Villa. And the amazing Fort Casamata or the Fuerte Casamata,
a unique and very important monument for military architecture in the country, which was significant in the 19th century as a defense of the city.

Don’t forget to check out the rooms, there are 5 rooms:

  • Room 1 - The historical construction of Matamoros
  • Room 2 - Construction, conflicts, and bonanza of Matamoros
  • Room 3 - Economic decline, destruction valuation of the built heritage of Matamoros.
  • Room 4 - Casemate: Military History of Matamoros from 1776-1852
  • Room 5 - Casemate: Military History of Matamoros 1853-1918

Open hours:

  • Tuesday – Friday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
  • Saturday from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm

Check the following link for a map -
(Google maps).

And the best part is that admission is free. So, go and enjoy. Have some fun and learn something new.

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