🎵 listen now »»» ambient downtempo chillout session vol 1-9 »»» free music »»» by mindforce »»» new demo promo release 2021 🎵

in #ambient2 years ago (edited)

Hi music folks, 🖐️🎧

wow,, I really managed to upload something I produced myself to soundcloud and my website. More platforms will follow soon and I hope something pleases your ears.

Of course I'm happy about some feedback and wish you a relaxing time with ...


mindforce - music media design - ambient downtempo & chillout session Vol. 1-9

Listen and relax direct on soundcloud:

»»» https://soundcloud.com/mindforce_media/sets/ambient-downtempo-chillout-session

like my stuff or dont want use sc? Then use the free download on my website:

»»» https://mindforce.name/downloads/

I am very grateful for your support!

many thanks

PS: Whoever manages to listen to the whole 1.75 hours in one piece WITHOUT yawning or falling asleep should please contact me! 😴🤔

mindforce - music media design - https://mindforce.name/about/


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