My Steem Ambassador Application - (L)earning by Doing

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Hey everyone,

Like many of you, I talk about Steemit everywhere I go. Sometime it's as part of an organised meeting - whether it's virtual like this one above, or a local one - and sometimes I just mention it in random conversations with people or in comments on Facebook.

Actually, I talk about crypto in general everywhere I go, because I believe it's super urgent that people wake up and take care of their financial future.

I currently run the Bitcoin girls meetup group of Berlin, and I also run the Conscious Crypto Community (my own online mentoring programme).

The two projects I most talk about are Dash and Steemit.

I am a Dash ambassador, which allows me to give a lot of free education on what crypto actually is, and help people install their first wallets and send them some free Dash. I do this as a guest on other people's webinars, or I organise my own, and I have a lot of 1:1 coffees with people... :)

My audience are mainly female entrepreneurs, however that has less to do with "feminism" than with the fact that I have been hanging out in large global online networks of online entrepreneurs for about 8 years now (with coaches, healers, therapists, designers, yoga teachers, etc.) and 90% of them happen to be female. Dash will be perfect for them in their business, and so is Steemit.

So I keep telling them about both.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 21.34.50.png

They are all content creators - they need to be for their business - but many are also just "travellers", exploring new business ideas and exploring themselves, blogging or vlogging about their journey.

Steemit could give them an extra income while travelling, and they can even try it out when they don't quite understand cryptocurrencies yet, and (l)earn by doing.

Steemit is the perfect, tangible, real world application of blockchain for non-techy people, right?

Well, I know you know.
But too many people out there don't know that yet.

What will I do as a Steemit Ambassador?

Honestly, I will just keep on doing what I'm already doing. (And whatever else is required of me. 15min on Steemit per day? Yes, I can do that ;))

This interview for example, was done in one of the above mentioned online entrepreneur networks. Once it's paid out, I will go back to them and tell them that I posted it here, too, and show them how much it generated. Let's see how many will sign up to Steemit as a result.

1111 Bitcoin Girls 3.JPG

At the next Bitcoin Girls meetup in Berlin, I will talk about Steemit, too. Even the drinks will be sponsored by Steemit (Thank you witness @felixxx). Whether that will happen before or after my trip to Thailand, I'm not sure, but why not during, too?

I haven't quite figured out yet, if I would personally benefit financially in any way from being a Steem Ambassador (of course that would be very nice) - but I read something about the potential for delegated Steempower at some point.

Increasing my Steem Power is one of my top priorities for this year

I'm running a group called "The Conscious Crypto Community" and I really really want to help the members to become financially independent. Partly by teaching them how to invest in cryptocurrencies, but also by bringing them to Steemit and encouraging them to stay. Several of them have joined, but most of them have also given up again.

These are amazing people, who have something to say or art to share. I want to inspire them to stay. These are also people, who will tell the whole world about Steemit, if they find it's working for them and could work for their friends, too.

I realized a month ago, that I could make a difference to them if my upvote was worth even just $1. So I set an intention to make that happen soon. At that point my upvote was worth about $0.12.

And you know what happens when you make a commitment? The universe conspires to help you :) As if by magic, both the SBD and Steem price started to rise and my 100% upvote is now worth over $0.60! :)

Of course I'm also posting like crazy and I bought a little extra Steem, too. But still, I'm over half way there!!

Anyway, with more Steem Power and my upvote being worth more, I could actively contribute to the members of my community and to the whole Steemit community as well.

If you have no idea what this whole "Steem Ambassador" thing is all about - check out the Promo Steem Website - a new platform that will help onboard new Steemians. I'm pretty excited about it. It can be quite overwhelming, to learn and understand everything about Steemit when you first join.

This platform will make that easier! (Amongst many other things.)

Whaat?? You want to resteem this? OMG, thank you so much!!!


With what software you do the video-comference?
Looks nice. - much better quality than Skype

Thanks! will check it out :)

Hi @connecteconomy
Thank you for sharing
I liked this article and really deserved it Resteem This Post

Hurray for Steemit ambassadors!

Good luck in your quest!

yes, all day yes! ;) good for you. i'm up WAY EARLY today.

You were really up early!! Can't sleep?? :)

it was a weird day before, we got back at 8pm and was in bed by 8:30pm after a long day, i feel asleep and i woke ready to go at 4:30am so i was like, fair enough and just got up and blogged! :)

Liebe Anja! Danke für Deinen Beitrag!! Ich finde es super, dass du steemit weiter verbreiten willst:-) alles Liebe Dir

It is great to see that you are promoting crypto and steemit. Especially to women considering the other day I read an article that was somewhat concerning. The article I forgot where was saying men were mostly majority of crypto investors while women were lacking. Yet last time I check the whole planet had more women than men. Hope the tides change because this will be better in the long run if men and women think the same about crypto.

Keep up the efforts to earning $1 upvote. You are doing it for a good cause and investing for the future. Good milestone to reach. thanks.

@connecteconomy I wish you good luck in your endeavors. we are promoting steemit massively here in Ghana and imma about to apply too.

Oooh sorry, just saw this. Resteeming now, but a bit late methinks...

Great introduction and very helpful for those/us who wants to have a financial freedom. Looking forward to your next blog and best of luck.thanks for given next post. Upvote done @connecteconomy

Really great post @connecteconomy, so great you are offering such useful help to groups of female entrepreneurs.
Is "The Conscious Crypto Community" a group on steemit? If so, I'd love to join!

Thank you @natureofbeing - the CCC is not on Steemit, though several of the participants are. It's part of my business - a private mentoring group for conscious/spiritual women entrepreneurs.

Thanks for sharing @connecteconomy ! I definitely follow you!

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thanks for sharing

Increasing Steem Power is one of the top priorities for most of us, I guess.

I hope we all succed with Steem.

I has great potential.

Your @steem-ambassador application is noted and is being reviewed! We will be in touch very soon!

Hello, Thanks for such a great application and all the fantastic work you have been doing to increase awareness about the steem blockchain and its potential applications!

We at #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador have reviewed your application to become a Steem Ambassador and we are pleased to say that we would like to propose your candidacy to the community per the Application Approval Process HERE!!! :)

In order to proceed we would like to know that you are happy to follow the Steem Ambassador Responsibilities and Guidelines outlined HERE & HERE.

Please respond below with your positive response and we will proceed to propose you to the Steemit community as a Steem Ambassador!!


Wow, I didn’t expect to hear from you anymore. Are you sure? LOL

OK Let's do it! :)

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