Streaming highlights in September

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I have just looked through the lists of all the movies and TV series coming to the biggest streaming services in September 2019. Do you have a subscription to any of the services? Check out what's coming to the different platforms to find out what's worth streaming in September 2019.

I guess most of us are Netflix users, simply because it is easily available all across the world. You can find Amazon Prime here and there, while HBO is mostly for those in the USA. Well, you will find HBO in lots of other countries, but the content I write about is the content being added to HBO Now and HBO Go in the United States in September.

This clip will show you the highlights on Netflix Canada in September. The original content from Netflix can be streamed in all Netflix regions, meaning that you can easily stream it wherever you might be in the world. If you need help accessing Canadian Netflix, follow the instructions at

If you liked Lost, The Hunger Games, and Westworld, then the brand new Netflix original series named The I-Land might be something for you. This is a virtual existence on an island, but it somehow influences their real lives as well. Don't know much about it yet, but it looks promising.

For those with an HBO subscription in the United States, there will be quite a lot to stream in September. The Lego Movie 2 might be a highlight, while the They Shall Not Grow Old is a real treat for those in love with old photos and World War movies. I never read Nancy Drew books myself in my younger days, but other female family members did. Now you can stream a brand new Nancy Drew movie on HBO.

The disappointment of the month are the movies coming to Amazon Prime. The streaming portal which has recently given us good shows such as The Boys and Hanna, will be really boring in September.

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