Saying this with love friends!!
Now more than ever, we need to realize that many of our personal causes, have many intersections that require our solidarity and commitment!
My personal vision of abundance, is an inclusive one, one that supports the sustainability, the inherent value that everyone offers as a gift to the world, including other creatures (plants, animals, places), that supports real freedom for goodness, not only for ulterior motives, that acknowledges that we can do much better than what we are doing today, aiming every day for that goal, and that looks for commonalities with others always!
That abundance is seen in the material universe, in nature, and also in the abundance of love that our hearts are capable to offer!
I am aiming for that as a parent! I am trying to include everyone in my vision. I may still miss it sometimes, but I am not here to limit I am here to claim it, to share it, to teach it to the seeds!
What kind of abundance are you envisioning?

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