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RE: Hi, I’m William Mougayar from Toronto, Canada. I'm an investor & author of The Business Blockchain – the first business book that fully explains the blockchain’s implications on business.

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Hi William! I am curious about your insights regarding the marketing of cryptocurrency projects. It seems that educating the public is a very expensive process since it requires people to think in ways they are not used to.

What kind of advice to you have for startups in the blockchain world in regards to marketing their projects? What has worked and not worked in your experience?


If it's complicated, then it is the entrepreneur's job to simplify how you message it to the market.
That said, it could be really complicated and difficult to explain, and maybe you are too early, then you need to be patient. But if you're on to something, and you can simplify the messaging, then test it out with others around you to see how it resonates.
There is a learning curve no doubt. Consumers aren't even educated on Bitcoin, and when you throw blockchains, cryptocurrencies in general, DAO concepts, crowdsales, crypto equity, etc...then most normal people will get lost.
Sadly, we are in the early days of getting educated first. It took a good 3-4 years before the Internet became widely understood even by the largest corporations- i.e. from 1994-1997 at least, the Internet was foggy for many.
Advice to startups: use metaphors to describe what you are doing, and be realistic. Don't shoot for the moon and don't promise the moon either. Vet your pitch around you.

Thank you William. Let me ask you a follow up question:

What kind of advertising avenue would you choose first?

  1. Go to influencer in the media (Max Keiser for example)
  2. Go directly to the biggest fish that could use your product (banks, microsoft, google, etc.)
  3. Word of mouth
  4. Social Media Posting and Paid Advertising

Hi William, interested in having you on my show "Keiser Report" to talk about your book and STEEMIT - DM me on twitter, thanks

Welcome @max-keiser !

is this real?
I certainly want a proof it is really you @max-keiser !
Like @wmougayar did by posting his picture with a paper that shows he has written "I am on steemit" above....

Hi Again William - we taped a few Keiser Reports ahead of our trip to the States - but still want you on . . . STEEM has had incredible growth . . the model is great.. much needed... for proof this is me... suggest something for me to post on my twitter handle...

post about steemit!

Max when will you start posting here?

It depends on each situation. Tough to answer well without the context. But that said, generally:
3 because it's the proof that users give you
4 to amplify #3
1 to further explain your message to new audiences and it can sandwiched before and after #4
2 you need to have a really polished product for them, or they will kill you initially. startups doing business with the big companies is not an easy task.

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