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RE: Homeschoolers & Unschoolers on Steem @ 28 March 2019

in #altlife3 years ago

I am just getting myself back on steemit after taking a few breaks. Not sure how much I'll be on in the future, but I love this idea. When I first got on, I asked around to find out who homeschooled and if there was a homeschool discord group. I couldn't ever really find anything. I believe @ironshield and @misslasvegas homeschool. Perhaps they would be interested in joining? I have some other friends in Panama who homeschool, but they are no longer active members here.


I'd be interested in a homeschool discord channel.

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That's great - I will add you on the list.

Hope you can join in when you can. @ironshield has commented below. Hope @misslasvegas picks this up too.

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